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Amazrock AVE-L10 - Wet Cleaning (Freed from Mundance Mopping)

Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Demo Videos

Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Demo Videos (Official)


Amazrock AVE-L10 Smart Robot Vacuum and Mop - LIDAR Navigation

Welcome to the Official Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Demo Video Page


” Amazrock Laser SLAM Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the choice of our new generation customers seeking an autonomous vacuum & mop cleaning helper for their household and office space. “



Amazrock AVE-L10 DEMO VIDEO – FEATURE#1 “APPLE & ANDROID WIFI Control Application” | HIGH Performance Mapping & Navigation Technology


Amazrock AVE-L10 DEMO VIDEO – FEATURE#2 “TIGHT SPACE CHALLENGE”  | High Accuracy & Intelligent Cleaning-Navigation



Amazrock AVE-L10 DEMO VIDEO – FEATURE#3 “CUSTOM AREA CLEAN” | High Accuracy & Intelligent Mapping



Amazrock AVE-L10 DEMO VIDEO – FEATURE#4 “VIRTUAL WALL – NO CLEAN ZONE” | High Accuracy & Intelligent Cleaning



Looking for tutorial video on easy setup of Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum and Mop


Please refer to below article and video instruction for easy steps to configure and setup your Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum for use at home or office with your WIFI network.


Easy To Setup AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Mop



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