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Why we Gift Watercolors This Year ?

Why We Would Want to Gift Watercolors This Season ?

Why We Would Want to Gift Watercolors This Season ?


Gifting Watercolors  | When the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone started staying home, 2020 officially became the year of the hobby. All of the sudden, adults are doing puzzles, making sourdough bread, learning a new language, and taking tap classes on zoom.


Some people even became amateur artists this year and expressed themselves through coloring, painting, and sketching. As the year winds down and we’re thinking about gifts, we can’t think of anything better to give our artsy friends and family than a set of watercolors.


Gifting Watercolors For This Year

Painting is proven to be extremely soothing and beneficial for mental health. The act of sitting down at a blank canvas and creating something of your own is almost meditative. It’s so effective that licensed therapists use art as a technique to help their patients process their emotions. 


We don’t know about you, but we have plenty of loved ones who struggled this year. Whether it was the financial burden of losing a job, losing a family member to COVID-19, or battling loneliness after months of isolation, many have been through hard times this year.


After such a dark time, we want to give gifts with meaning that will be helpful and uplifting. We hope that our gift gives them a few moments of distraction from the outside world so they can tap into their creativity and find peace.


Additionally, we think that watercolor painting is great for beginners and experts since it offers more freedom than other types of painting. There are also great watercolor ideas and tutorials that they can find online, like this fox painting lesson.   


The Best Watercolors to Gift This Year

There are a bunch of different types of watercolors that you can give your friends and family, but we’re going to gift watercolor pencils. They are water-soluble pencils that work just like regular colored pencils, so they are extremely versatile.


They can either be used dry to color normally, or they can be used with water and turn into watercolors. To do this, you simply color like normal with the dry pencil, then use a wet brush and go over the color to magically turn it into watercolor.


You can also dip the pencil into a little bit of water, and it will automatically become a watercolor. We’re going with watercolor pencils for gifts this year because all of the options can make any novice or pro artist happy.


For more tips on how to use watercolor pencils, click here


We love the Amazrock Water Soluble Colored Pencils because they are of great professional-level quality, come with 36 vibrant colored pencils, perfect for all skill levels, and comes in a beautiful roll-up travel case. They’re also a great price for $35, so we can get them for all of our friends and family.


To make the gift even better, we’re going to throw in a paintbrush to use for wetting the paint and a pad of watercolor paper so our loved ones can get started right away.


How to Get Started With Watercolors

If the friends and family on your Christmas gift list are watercolor newbies, here are some tips you can tell them about when you give them their set of watercolor pencils. The biggest thing is to just get started and let their inner artist come out!


Beginner Watercolor Tips:

  • Get watercolor paper
  • Use a light touch
  • Embrace your mistakes
  • Use video tutorials
  • Learn the color wheel and color mixing
  • Clean your brush between colors
  • Clean your brush with soap after each paint session

Find more watercolor ideas for beginners here


More Benefits of Art Therapy

Did you know that creativity can actually help you process your emotions and improve your wellbeing? You don’t have to be Picasso to get the full benefits of art therapy; you can experience them at any skill level.


Art can convey emotions, so the painting process can be used to release emotions onto a canvas that you don’t know how to say out loud. When you are in the zone with your art session, the creative side of your brain takes over and overrides your mental hang-ups. 


This process has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, increase relaxation, improve self-awareness, and even decrease pain. Art therapy is not used to treat any particular diseases, but it’s a valuable tool to help in the healing process.


You don’t need to be in therapy to use art to improve your mental health. Just ten minutes of painting or drawing a day at your home will help. The main purpose is to carve out time for yourself to escape the stress of life and relax.


Because of all of these benefits, watercolor pencils are a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who needs more time for themselves and their creative side. They will love creating beautiful paintings that they can keep, and they will learn a new skill that will bring them a lot of joy.


Please Everyone With Watercolor Pencils

The holidays are the greatest time of year, and everyone could use a little extra cheer in their lives this year. Join us and give your loved ones the perfect gift to lift their spirits: watercolor pencils. 


Watercolors are the perfect gift for anyone, regardless of age and skill level. Your friends and family members will be delighted and appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift.


For more tutorials and helpful guides for your friends and family to get started with their new watercolor pencil set, check out the rest of our blog. 



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