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AMAZROCK Digital Infrared Thermometer Dual Mode (Forehead & Ear) – FDA Approved | 1-sec Instant Read For Baby, Infant,


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Looking for Fever Thermometer that is suitable for baby, children and adults?

FDA Registered AMAZROCK Digital Infrared Thermometer Dual Mode (Forehead or Ear). It is designed for use with adults and children.

  • 1x Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer. Includes two AAA batteries for immediate use.
  • 1x Carrying Case (Soft Pouch).
  • Includes Instruction Manual

Modern Design & Convenient to Use

  • Ergonometric design to offer Easy use across all ages. The back-light screen makes it user-friendly to use at night or under dim lighting conditions. Simple operations with just 2 buttons – “Head” (Forehead scan) or “Ear” (Eardrum scan).
  • Fast and accurate 1-sec reading.
  • “Head” scan mode allows easy fever checking without disturbing your child’s sleep.
  • “Ear” detection mode is only suitable for ages 3 months & above.
  • Supports 20 readings memory recall. 


Why Choose Amazrock ?

Children Safe and Hygienic. There’s no risk of contamination unlike with oral thermometer.

Automatic Fever Warning. When reading exceeds 37.5º C / 99.5° F, the thermometer shall sound fever warning alarm ring with the LCD flashing red.

Extensive Clinical Test with Hospital. Trusted by professionals and with support from designated hospitals, our thermometer product is subject to precise clinical verification.

Comes with 1 year warranty.



– Do expect variation in readings between Oral thermometer (0.5 to 1.0°F), Forehead temperature scan (0.3 to 0.5°F) and Eardrum temperature detection.


  • This product is no longer in production or commercially available in market.
  • RAPID AND ACCURATE READING (estimated 1 second measurement time) using modern & advanced sensor calibration – Convenient & Comfortable use with its user-friendly design. This accurate fever thermometer facilitates easy use across all ages. Forehead scan mode makes it convenient to measure body temperature while your child is sleeping. Simply place the thermometer probe on the forehead centre or temple (side of forehead) and press the “Head” button to get accurate body temp reading.
  • AUTOMATIC FEVER WARNING – When reading exceed 37.5º C / 99.5° F, the Amazrock medical thermometer shall sound fever warning with LCD flashing red and rapid-short alarm rings. Supports 20 readings memory recall.
  • SAFE AND HYGENIC – Using modern digital infrared scan technology makes it children safe as there’s no glass or mercury substance involved unlike other thermometers, eliminating danger risk of child breaking glass or accidentally swallowing mercury. Perfect for use as baby thermometer. Do note that forehead scan is best suited for newborn.
  • EXTENSIVE CLINICAL TEST AND TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS – Thanks to cooperation with designated hospitals. Our thermometer product design is subject to precise clinical verification with support of professional medical experts and extensive clinical test. 1 year warranty.


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