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Bianyo Markers – Classic Series Alcohol-based Dual Tip Art Markers (Set of 72, Travel Case)


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    Bianyo Markers – 72 Set of Dual Tip Art Markers


    Bianyo Markers “Classic” original design caters to all types of creators. | Artist Art Marker


    Each Bianyo Marker includes a Broad Chisel and Fine Point nib to ensure details both large and small are never missed. The Square barrel shape prevents the marker from rolling off the table.


    There is a color name and number per marker, making it easy for you to find your colors. Each Marker Classic Set includes Colorless Blender+ Black Travel Case. All come in a black pouch with a holder.


    Bianyo Markers (Classic) can be used on fabric, glass, pottery, and ceramics for DIY projects. It’s a great activity for you to make fun with family and friends.


    Bianyo Markers Classic Series Banner
    Bianyo Markers | Twin Tips – Alchohol Based Ink (100% Non Toxic, Kids-Safe)



    Unlimited Possibilities- Never Stop Creating | Meeting most of your design projects like fashion, architecture, landscape, and interior.

    Art students, recreation artists, and visual creators ranging from beginners to masters have celebrated these markers for their quality and price. 


    Bianyo Markers Classic Series Alcohol-Based Dual Tip Art Markers(Set of 72,Travel Case)- Chisel & Fine Tips
    Bianyo Markers Dual Tip – Vibrant Color and Blend Well



    Features of Bianyo Marker


    Alcohol Based & Permanent Markers

    Bianyo Art Markers with alcohol-based ink, low odor, toxic-free. Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on most surfaces.



    Bianyo Markers Dual Tips & Square Penholder

    Bianyo Marker offers dual tips for your drawing needs to outline and color in a large area or detailed writing tasks.

    • Broad chisel (approx. 1-7mm)
    • Fine point (approx. 0. 7mm) nibs


    A square pen holder allows for easy holding and writing.



    Bianyo Markers Superior Quality & an Affordable Price

    The dual-tip art makers are made of premium material and super nibs. The thick black canvas bag is really durable and hold the 72pcs graffiti markers very well.


    This high-quality set costs one-sixth of that of famous brands.



    Multi-Purpose & Perfect Gift Idea

    71 colors and one colorless blender are included in this Bianyo Marker Set. It is ideal for highlighting, underlining, and other forms of comic design.


    This Bianyo Art Markers 72-piece set will be an ideal gift for friends and kids.



    100% Satisfaction & Non-toxic

    Bianyo is committed to quality and promises a 1-year warranty on all of our products. You can request a replacement if the original item has any defects.


    Bianyo Markers Artist Set of 72 - Lifestyle Photo with Plant Drawing
    Bianyo Markers – Versatile to Draw, Outline, and Blend



    72 Bianyo Markers Color Chart


    Many have asked what are the Bianyo Markers Color Chart for the 72 Colors Set. The Colors include:

    1. Y003 Caanaria Yellow
    2. Y025 Pale Olive
    3. Y107 Lightning Yellow
    4. Y114 Mustard
    5. Y204 Pastel Yellow
    6. Y314 Yellow
    7. Y315 Melon Yellow
    8. Y325 Dark Yellow
    9. Y416 Marigold
    10. Y423 Yellow orche
    11. Y503 Quince
    12. Y505 Apricot
    13. Y529 Deep Yellow Orche
    14. Y552 Bronze
    15. Y611 Morin
    16. Y648 Praline
    17. Y713 Salmon
    18. Y762 Bitterwood
    19. Y900 Baby Skin Pink
    20. Y976 Bitter Chocolate
    21. R105 Coral Pink
    22. R107 Vermilon
    23. R126 Couch Shell
    24. R213 Rose Buvard
    25. R218 Geranium
    26. R317 Deep Red
    27. R338 Argile
    28. R502 Medium Pink
    29. R605 Cerise
    30. R607 Vivid Pink
    31. R614 Jakaranda
    32. R703 Pastel Violet
    33. R807 Aubergine
    34. R839 Pansy
    35. R923 Dutch Blue
    36. R926 Hydrangea
    37. B003 Sky Blue
    38. B016 Brilliant Blue
    39. B025 Pervenche
    40. B028 Napoleon Blue
    41. B114 Cornflower
    42. B118 Ultramarine
    43. B201 Mint Blue
    44. B203 Pastel Blue
    45. B205 Cerulean Blue
    46. B227 Indian Blue
    47. B714 Turquoise Green Light
    48. B754 Vert Fonce
    49. G025 Light Clear Blue
    50. G335 Parrot Green
    51. G406 Veronese Green
    52. G413 Seacrest
    53. G503 Pale Green
    54. G515 Grass Green
    55. G554 Beetle
    56. G611 Cream Green
    57. G825 Petits Pois
    58. G902 Anise
    59. G915 Chartreuse Green
    60. WG01 Warm Grey 10%
    61. WG03 Warm Grey 30%
    62. WG05 Warm Grey 50%
    63. WG07 Warm Grey 70%
    64. WG09 Warm Grey 90%
    65. CGII01 Cool Grey II10%
    66. CGII03 Cool Grey II 30%
    67. CGII06 Cool Grey II 50%
    68. CGII07 Cool Grey II 70%
    69. CGII09 Cool GRey II 90%
    70. BG09 Blue Grey 9
    71. S Black
    72. O Colorless Blender


    Bianyo Markers 72 Color Chart
    Bianyo Classic Markers – 72 Colors Chart



    Product Specifications of Bianyo Marker


    • Brand: Bianyo
    • Ink Color: 72 Colors
    • Point Type: Dual
    • Line Size: 7.00
    • Number of Pieces: 72
    • Item Weight ‎: 2.9 pounds
    • Product Dimensions : ‎6.7 x 5.2 x 6.6 inches
    • Item model number ‎: 1860-72


    Bianyo Marker | alcohol-based ink has obtained SGS, EN71-3 tests, and MSDS certification. Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on most surfaces.

    • The weight of a marker is 0.62 ounces and the ink content is 0.124 ounces.
    • The Chisel Tip is approx. 1-7mm and Fine Point Tip is approx. 0. 7mm.
    • A writing test was made with this market set. Here are the lab results :
      • The chisel nib can last 328 feet.
      • The fine point nib can last up to 1738 feet.


    Bianyo Art Marker Banner



    FAQ – Bianyo Marker


    Question: Are Bianyo Markers refillable?

    [Answer]: They are not refillable. But you could try to match them to a Copic chart since they are more affordable. The nibs are very flexible and of high quality.



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