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Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol-based Dual Tip Art Markers(Set of 72,Travel Case)

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Classic Series Features
The Classic Series: Our original design holds unlimited opportunities for all types of creators. Each marker
includes a Broad Chisel and Fine Point nib to ensure details both large and small are never missed.

Broad Chisel & Fine Point nibs
Square barrel shape,prevent it rolling from table
There is color name and number per marker, make it easy for you to find your colors
Classic Sets: Available in 12,72
Includes Colorless Blender+ Black Travel Case
Set comes with colorless blender!
All comes in black pouch with holder
Ideal for DIY on fabric, ceramic, plastic, wood
Losting yourself in DIY making! Classic Markers can be used on fabric, class, pottery, ceramics for DIY
projects. Its a great activity for you to make fun with family and friends
Unlimited Possibilities- Never Stop Creating.
Art students, recreation artists and visual creators ranging from beginners to masters have celebrated these
markers for their quality and price. Meeting most of your design projects like fashion ,architecture, lanscape, interior.


  • CLASSIC SERIES MARKERS: Comes with a form-fitting black zip up case with a holder, organized and perfect for traveling
  • DUAL TIPS COLORED PEN: Broad and fine tips. The broad tip makes lines that are approx. 6-7 mm wide at the widest point. The fine tip makes lines that are 1-2 mm wide
  • VIBRANT COLORS: Highly pigmented and vibrant markers are build to last against fading. Great for Japanese caricature, anime pictures, fashion design,coloring and drawing
  • QUALITY INK: Markers don’t skip. The ink dries fast and doesn’t smudge
  • VALUE: A great present for any artist. Handy carrying case is quite steady


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