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Bodum ASSAM Teapot, Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Filter, 34 Ounce



Bodum  Teapot, Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Filter, 34 Ounce (1801-16US4 ASSAM)

” We set out with a goal to make an innovation in tea brewing and the patented Bodum tea press system was born. “

Bodum Assam Tea Press

The Assam Tea Press is the icon among the wide variety of Bodum Tea Presses. Its classic round shape and borosilicate glass let all teas shine in their best light.

The tea press utilizes the same brewing system as the French press to allow for full control of the tea steeping process. Once your preferred coloring and strength is reached, you simply press down the plunger and seal the tea leaves into the bottom part of the filter that has no holes. This makes the brewing process stop with one easy push and you can discard or re-use the tea leaves after you have enjoyed your beverage. Silicone rim secures filter firmly into the teapot and stays cool to the touch for safe removal.


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” A smart and elegant design, the Assam tea press from Bodum prevents tea from becoming bitter while showcasing the beauty of brewing. Crafted with a borosilicate glass body and a stainless steel infuser, the press works with loose leaf or bagged teas and lets the user determined the brewing strength. Once plunged, the filter holds the tea below the infuser holes, so brewing is brought to a tidy halt. No removal of the infuser is necessary, and the tea’s lovely color is visible all the while. Modeled on traditional teapot shaping, the pot holds 34 ounces, comes with a stay-cool knob, and cleans up in the dishwasher with the lid and rod removed. A 17-ounce version is also available. ” –Emily Bedard



  • TEA PRESS: Brew a delicious cup of tea in this glass tea press that utilizes the same brewing system as the French press; perfect for loose teas and tea bags
  • STAINLESS STEEL FILTER: Tea filter is made of stainless steel with an elastic silicone rim and ensures leaves and kernels remain within the strainer while brewing
  • GLASS TEAPOT: Sleek design is made with a borosilicate glass body and handles, with a plastic knob on top
  • MAXIMUM FLAVOR: Brew tea to your liking without needing to remove the infuser, simply press down on plunger once preferred coloring and strength is reached for a perfect cup of tea in minutes
  • SERVINGS: Classic teapot holds 34 ounces; glass body is dishwasher safe




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