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Electric Vibrating Sonic Facial and Body Cleansing Brush Face Brush Waterproof Skin Exfoliating Cleansing System for



It’s time to think beyond the washcloth and elevate cleansing to a sonic level. A sleek, travel-friendly, professional-quality skin care brush with 4 speeds to produce smooth, clean, and beautiful skin. Gentle daily cleansing, toning and exfoliation for the face and body to give skin a wonderful, natural, youthful glow. 10 Youthful Skin Boosting Benefits: -More effective deep cleansing and removal of impurities -Can help increase collagen level in skin -Softer, smoother, clearer looking skin tone -Firmer, tighter, feeling skin texture -Can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles -Noticeable increase in blood circulation to the skin -Helps reduce appearance of visible pores -Helps reduce razor rash and irritation after removal -Enhances absorption of other skincare products (incl SPF) Features: 1. PulseLift Massage Mode Stimulation for the skin for a noticeable increase in circulation, which can provide oxygenand vital metabolism and collagen synthesis. 2. Soft & Gentle on Delicate Skin Suitable for all skin types to use twice daily. 3. All-Over Body Use Smoother, silkier legs and arms. Deep exfoliation of dry skin patches, especially after waxing or shaving. 4. 4 Daily Cleansing Modes & Auto-Timer Settings 4 mode that you can choose: Sensitive, Deep Clean, Exfoliate(Body) and PulseLift.The three face mode has 20 seconds zone timer and 2 minutes quick-stop and the body mode has 5 minutes autostop function. 5. 18,000 Pulsed Oscillations p/min Naturally unclogs deep pores and exfoliates dry skin. 6. Wireless Travel Charger Each charge takes 8-12 hours and lasts approximately 3 weeks. Package Include: 1x Cleansing Brush 1x Facial Cleansing Brush Head 1x Body Cleansing Brush Head 1x Wireless Charge Base 1x Charge Adapter 1x User Manual


  • SONIC TECHNOLOGY: With a turning frequency of 300 times per second, it effectively cleans the skin 10 times better than manual cleaning, without damaging your skin. It can effectively remove blackheads, clean pores, reduce skin roughness, exfoliate dead skin and heal acne scars!
  • YOUTHFUL & HEALTHIER SKIN: With your 4 Mode Facial and Body Cleansing Brush it is simple to clear away makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin! Specifically designed to work for all skin types normal, dry, sensitive and oily! Also, the body brush & the body mode will give your body skin a youthful boost. It will brighten up your skin and keep you looking young and vibrant by massaging away fine lines &wrinkles!
  • IPx7 LEVEL WATERPROOF & 4 SPEED MODE: your Ultrasonic Rechargeable Facial and Body Cleansing Brush is 100% waterproof which makes it the perfect shower buddy! The facial and body brush heads can be cleaned to avoid accumulation of dirt. There are 4 daily cleansing modes: sensitive, deep clean, exfoliate(body) and pulselift, which provides you with 4 different options that you can adjust any mode so as to adapt to your skin.
  • WIRELESS CONVENIENT INDUCTIVE CHARGER: The device can be charged with an inductive charging base. You just need to plug in the plug to the power outlet and put the device on the charging cradle. Then the device is on charging.
  • 100% CUSTOMER-HAPPY GUARANTEE: Put your worries aside! If you don’t like this Ultrasonic Rechargeable Facial and Body Cleansing Brush for any reason, you can just take advantage of our lifetime guarantee! We will replace it or give you your money back for any reason. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


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