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Floating Toy Animal Friend for Children’s Bathtub Playtime Pack of 6 pc – Bring Home a Loveable Seal, Sea Lion, Turtle



A baby animal floating bath toy play set from Little Treasures that includes a cute baby whale, blow fish seal and other friends from the aquatic animal kingdom. These floating bath toys are an amazing way to get babies to have fun during bath time. It can be hard on parents to have a quick and efficient bath time with their toddlers but with these floating toys it can be easier to keep them distracted and even make them have fun while getting cleaned. These cute and colorful toys will be sure to grab your infants’ attention and will give parents the time they need to get a proper bath time cleaning in. Description: This toy package comes with 6 floating animal toys including 1 baby seal, 1 baby turtle, 1 baby whale, 1 blow fish, 1 sea lion, and 1 fish. All the animals float and bob in the water that will keep children happy and entertained while they swim the toys around and try to catch one another. The sea lion will dance and play with his best friend the seal and the baby turtle will try to join in thinking he’s just the same as them all the while the baby whale will enjoy a nice relaxing rest. Babies will be so distracted playing with their new animal friends that they won’t even notice the bath, they may even come to love it.


  • Bath Toy Playset The toy pack from Little Treasures includes a seal, a turtle, a whale, a blowfish, a sea lion and a baby fish that are all floatable and so adorable that babies will love them.
  • Fun and safe to play with children will barely even notice that they are taking a bath at the same time.
  • Parents can breathe a little easier when it comes time to give their babies a bath because now they can treat it like play time and their children will start to enjoy taking a bath.
  • These cute animal play friends are intended for babies 19 months and older but are perfect for boys and girls alike.
  • Quality & durable bathtub toy, The Baby Bath Toy is big in size for baby friendly use


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