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Kick Mat Seat Back Protectors with PVC Pockets Seat Covers For Car BackSeat, 2 Pack (2-Black)


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    SLEEPING LAMB Kick Mat Seat Back Protectors with PVC Pockets Seat Covers for Car Backseat, 2 Pack (2-Black)


    Your multifunctional auto seat protector:

    – Double layer 600D polyester, sturdy, no flopping or wrinkles, rear seat organizer help protect the back of your seats from inevitable scuff marks, dirt and stains from kicky kids.
    – Car seat storage fits to seat nicely and sitting in the front seat it doesn’t bother you at all.
    – 5 multifunction pockets seat kick protector provide amount of space to securely essential stuff, such as portable DVD player, tissue, drink, wipe, water bottle,book, bottls, toy.
    – Behind seat car organizer easy to install: simply attach the top strap to the headrest and then use the heavy duty Adjustable strap to wrap around the bottom portion of the vehicle seat.
    – Multipurpose use as car seat back Organizer, car seat protector, kick mat and auto seat protector all in one.


    Baby seat protector x 2 Pcs



    Features | SLEEPING LAMB Kick Mat Seat Back Protectors


    • 10″ Touch Screen Tablet Pocket seat back covers:Transparent PVC pocket with good angle, you can operate your iPad directly, also 2 opening for charging and headphone jack, seat back organizers gives your rear passengers or kids the freedom to watch their favorite movie while keeping their hands free;


    • No Sagging car seat organizers: unique Elastic buckle attachments easily secure the drive car seat back protectors to the headrest and bottom of the seat, kickmat seat protector long enough and easy to install, adjustable straps create a snug fit to the seats;


    • Car seat kick mats 2 pack with 5 pockets storage organizers: 1 iPad holder + 2 elastic mesh pockets + 2 waterproof pockets seat organizer for backseat can storing ipad, DVD player, toy, snack, drink, magazine,etc; waterproof pocket can holds some standard books(bigger than US Letter), meanwhile car seat kick mat saved your expensive leather seats from little muddy feet;


    • Extra Large Size to fully cover back of seats: 18.3″ x 26″ back of the seat protector can protect the whole back seats, fits most Minivan, SUV, Truck and Sedan (example : Jeep, Audi, Honda, Hyundai). The bottom waterproof pockets seatback organizer car protect your seat against dirt, snow, ice, scuffmarks and stains



    Product Specifications | SLEEPING LAMB Kick Mat Seat Back Protectors


    Seat protectors is made of washable 600D polyester, water-resistant, grime guard fabric protect against dirt.


    Overall dimension: 18.3 x 26 inches

    Touch Screen Pocket size: 10 4/9 x 7 3/10 inches (Suitable for 10″ iPad or tablet)

    Weight: 1.21 pounds



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