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Marino Upside Down Umbrella – Reverse Folding Inside Out Umbrella – Unbreakable


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The Innovative Car-Friendly Design
Stop getting splashed up when entering and exiting your car with this reverse closing Umbrella. Leave the rain out of the car as this reverse umbrella folds upward keeping the water inside the double layer umbrella rather than wetting your car floor.

Amazing Additions
C-SHAPED NEW DESIGN UMBRELLA HANDLE: Holding a sturdy umbrella has always been a strain, on your hands. With the C-shaped hands free cool umbrella handle your hands remain free to do most anything you wish! Hook the cute umbrella handle onto your wrist and take advantage of this wonderful benefit.
STANDS UP ON ITS OW Don’t ruin the paint on the walls with leaning dripping wet, wind resistant umbrellas on them. Our unbreakable umbrella is a stormproof umbrella that is made with a special top cap that provides the convenience of a reverse umbrella that stands up on its own.

Awesome Marino Quality
Marino Avenue products are manufactured of the most awesome and superior quality materials to keep our products and wind resistant collapsible umbrellas going for a long, long while. The Marino reversible Umbrella won’t collapse on you while you’re out there in that windy and terrible weather. The inward umbrella is a designer umbrella that is made of sturdy materials leaving your umbrella windproof

Sleek Packaging Design
The Marino Avenue Custom Umbrella is a foldable golf umbrella that comes in a sleek and modern packaging that can serve as a gift box as well. With Marino Avenue, no wrapping is necessary. Our stylish umbrellas with their complementary packaging speak for themselves.

Loyal Service
We strive toward our mission for ultimate customer satisfaction. The Marino passion is to provide our customers with a most pleasant experience. Our 45 days return policy on our no hands umbrellas, with an addition of 180 days warranty, enables you to purchase your inside out umbrella risk free!


  • C-SHAPED HANDLE – Marino’s car umbrella is a new style umbrella that measures 32″ long and features a unique hands-free C-shape handle. Holding a big umbrella in the rain is a straining task. The ultra-comfort handle on the upside down umbrella is designed in a C shape to allow you to multi task and do just about anything while carrying the all weather umbrella hands free and remaining completely dry.
  • CAR-FRIENDLY – The Marino Avenue Car Umbrella folds the reverse way to prevent the usual splash of rain as you enter or exit your car. The inverted umbrella folds upward leaving the rain water in the inward folding umbrella rather than wetting your car floor like the usual rain umbrella. Marino’s car-friendly nice umbrella also serves as a sun umbrella.
  • SELF- STANDING – The reverse closing umbrella is Designed with a special top for a convenient self-standing option. An end to leaning wet umbrellas on walls! Simply let the upside down umbrella stand on its own and air dry with its awesome and quick drying properties. The carefully designed umbrellas also has an umbrella self opening button
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY – Our Car-Friendly Umbrella is the perfect solution for a top quality rain protector. The inverted umbrella is designed with a strong steel and fiberglass frame with a double lining layer so the frame is concealed inside the beautiful umbrella. The awesome umbrella is an automatic open umbrella that auto opens with a simple button. Marino’s reversible umbrella is a rain umbrella Made from the finest superior materials to keep your Marino style going for a long while!
  • ORDER WITH GRACE – 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 45 days free exchange and returns, Our mission is to have our customers extremely gratified with the reverse folding umbrella they purchased, so if you haven’t so, please take advantage of our swift exchange and return policy on the c handle umbrella.

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