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OMORC Pro Blender, Vacuum Blender for Completely Nutrition Released, 21000RMP Smoothie Blender & Ice Crusher BPA-Free

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OMorc Vacuum Blender

Do you want to easily enjoy fresh and nutritious juices every day and lead a healthy lifestyle? Our vacuum blender will your best choice and meet all your requirements.

Vacuum Storage Function
The vacuum blender can not only make juices, milk shakes and other foods, but also provides an independent vacuum storage mode via the VACUUM button.

Two Kinds of Usage
In addition to the automatic mode, you can also operate the vacuum blender manually, setting the speed and time according to your own needs.

Unique Bottom Design
The non-slip suction cups on the base allows the mixer to stabilize on the table during operation. The cable storage tray facilitates the power cable when not in use.

1.Do not put hot food or liquids into the blending beaker or vacuum beaker (the temperature of food should not be above 40℃/104℉).
2.Do not use the product without adding food and ensure it reaches 250ml.
3.Do not operate the product continuously for over 3 minutes. Quit any operation when the host is too hot and reuse it when it cools down.
4.Do not put any parts of the product into a microwave or freezer (the container can be stored in fridge).
5.If the amount of food is above the max level, take out some and separate them. Otherwise, it will damage the motor.
6.Hard food (such as coffee bean, chocolate and ice etc.) will wear out the blade more easily.

Color: Black
Rated Voltage: 120V,60Hz (US)
Power: 800W
Product Size:12.2×10.63×20.08in/31×27×51cm
Product Weight (accessories included):150.83oz/4276g
Package Weight:176.37oz/5000g

Package Included:
1×OMorc Vacuum Blending Beaker
1×Vacuum Storage Beaker
1×User Manual


  • Completely Nutrition Released- The Vacuum Blender releases 3.2 times more antioxidant polyphenols and 2.5 times more vitamin C than regular food machines. Vacuum-mixed Foods can be stored in vacuum for 24 hours to maintain the nutrition effectively.
  • Multifunctional Choice- This machine is a complex of blender, vacuum machine and ice breaker. The 800W powerful motor can easily break down whole fruits, vegetables, ice and seeds to achieve a smooth, drinkable consistency.
  • Food Grade Material- The 1.5L (51oz) blending beaker is made of BPA-free Tritan material and is completely worry-free for childs. With the 0.8L(27oz)storage beaker, it not only perfect for your family as you can make enough smoothies for your friends.
  • Easy to Use and Clean- Our vacuum blender has a convenient one-click completion function, which means that you can automatically pump vacuum to stir the juice via the switch button. Detachable, dishwasher-safe accessories for easy assembly and cleaning.
  • Durable and Efficient- Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, 6 blades Features a maximum speed of 21000 (r/min), easily handling various ingredients to ensure that the fruits and vegetables you put in the blender are crushed.


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