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Polarized Sunglasses Bamboo Skateboard Wood Frame For Women with UV400 Lens JANGOUL




FRAME MATERIAL:Skateboard Wood/Bamboo Frame
100% UV400 protection coating, blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays.
Polarized sunglasses reduce glare reflected off of roads, bodies of water, snow, and other horizontal surfaces.
Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light and protect eyes perfectly.
Multifunctional Sunglasses can be highly useful for Sporting,Driving, Running, Fishing, Racing, Skiing, Climbing, Trekking, Cycling Bicycle, Motorcycling and other outdoor activities.

All authentic JANGOUL products sold through Amazon are sold only by the seller JANGOUL.
Products that are sold by other sellers are counterfeit products similar in design.
Please note that these unauthentic products does not have same quality such as color, fabric, construction and over all design and feel as JANGOUL’s products.
JANGOUL does not support the quality assurance of these counterfeit products.
Hence, please check the name of seller before purchasing.


  • 1.HANDMADE BAMBOO FRAME SUNGLASSES – Since they are made with 100% Brown Skateboard Wood /Bamboo Frame, every pair is unique.
  • 2.POLARIZED LENSES – Our polarized lenses provides crystal clear vision and anti-glare with UV400 protection for your eyes.
  • 3.ORIGINAL PACKAGE- Our Original Package to protect and clean your glasses so you always look your best.
  • 4.Frame slingshot design, suitable for most of the face type, comfortable to wear.
  • 5.30 DAYS RETURN POLICY-Our priority is customer satisfaction. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a free 30-day return policy. Please contact us immediately if anything comes up.

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