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Survival Hax 105 Piece Emergency First Aid Kit


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The First Aid Kit by Survival Hax is the ONE item you do not want to be without in any situation.

The small 105 piece emergency survival bag fits nicely into the glove box of your car, the medicine cabinet at work, or the nurses station at school. We made sure to add only lightweight items so that your bug out bag wouldn’t be bogged down by heavy items.

This compact emergency first aid kit is only 5 x 7 inches, weighs less than a pound, and we still managed to fit a fire starter and Mylar thermal blanket inside.

Why? Because when our customers ask for extra items, we deliver.

Here’s a list of quality contents you’ll find inside this little beast.

(1) Triangular Bandage
(1) PBT Bandage (Small)
(1) PBT Bandage (Large)
(1) Roll of Nonwoven Tape
(2) Nonwoven Swab
(10) Wipes
(20) Band Aid (Regular)
(10) Band Aid (Small)
(4) Butterfly Band Aid
(4) H Style Band Aid
(4) Cleaning Wipes
(30) Cotton (Q-Tips)
(1) First Aid Blanket
(1) Scissors
(10) Safety Pins
(1) CPR Mask
(1) PVC Gloves – Large
(1) Tweezers
(1) Flint Starter
(1) First Aid Bag

The only mini Emergency First Aid Kit on Amazon with a Fire Starter and thermal blanket.

Be the person who saves the day and get your kit while they’re on sale!


  • LIGHTWEIGHT Our First-Aid Kit weighs less than a pound. Take it anywhere!
  • COMPACT This Survival Kit is perfect for traveling – at 5 x 7 x 2 inches it will fit in any glove box or bug out bag.
  • RELIABLE The First Aid Kit you should have in your car, hiking pack, and camping RV. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • MYLAR BLANKET Can be used in cool weather and warm weather for hypothermia or cold nights.
  • FIRE STARTER The magnesium flint can be used to make a fire even if it’s wet.


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