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Trendsettings Clear Double Ice Ball Tray Mold with Silicone Tube Press, Durable, Mess-Free & Freezer-Safe – Makes 2


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Trendsettings Dual Ball Ice Sphere Tray – Whiskey Accessories for the Modern Day Connoisseur

Enjoy sipping a chilled drink when relaxing on a hot summer’s day? Looking for a solution to dilution?

Whether you’re a day drinker, a night owl on the prowl or an occasional sipper, we’ve got the ice ball kit
that gets the job done without the mess or stress. It’s the bestselling whiskey set for at-home ice making!

Our Jumbo Ice Spheres Melt Super Slow = Less Dilution, Less Condensation & More Flavor
Nobody likes a drink that’s been watered down by melted ice. The solution? Extra large in size, the 2″
spheres that this ice ball maker produces slowly melt in order to prevent dilution of icy beverages.

Makes 2 Giant Ice Ball Chillers with Crystal Clear Translucency – ZERO Cloudiness
The problem with traditional ice cube trays & molds is that the balls they make end up cloudy. This
is why we have developed this cool ice sphere press to produce a pair of 100% translucent water balls!

Made Out of BPA-Free, FDA-Approved, Food-Grade Silicone; Easy to Fill & Dispense Ice Balls
Never again struggle to dispense your ice when pouring up a cold one. Since it’s crafted out of flexible
silicone, this whiskey ice ball maker is a breeze to use. For convenience, the icy balls never stick!

Recommended Uses: While widely used as whiskey chillers, the ice spheres this ice ball press kit can
also be used to chill other types of non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, iced tea, soda pop & so on.

Prepare to sip & enjoy the full flavor of your mixed cocktails or poured drinks.
But you definitely don’t wait long. These ice ball cube trays are selling fast.

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  • 3 PIECE CHILLER SET: The unique 3 pc design of this ice ball mold is what makes it easy to use without making a mess. Simply insert the silicone ice mold chambers into the included tube, fill it up & then freeze it.
  • MAKES 2 ICE BALLS: Forged to produce not 1 but 2 jumbo ice balls, this ice sphere maker is just what you need to chill your drink + the libation preferred by your drinking companion. Let the debauchery begin!
  • CRYSTAL CLARITY: Unlike other silicone ice ball trays, these whiskey ice cube trays produce 2″ clear ice spheres. That’s right. We’ve engineered this ice ball maker mold to prevent cloudiness.
  • BPA-FREE SILICONE: Made out of FDA-approved silicone, the ice ball tray is safe & non-toxic. The flexibility of the material also makes it easy to dispense the ice ball spheres when pouring a glass.
  • SUGGESTED USES: Though you can use an ice ball for bourbon, whiskey & other types of liquor to enjoy a sip without the dilution, you can also use it to chill non-alcoholic drinks such as sodas & flavored waters.


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