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Water Filter Straw with .1 Micron Purifier for Camping & Hiking (Green)

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The Water Filter Straw is a 7 inch portable water filter straw which is designed to convert dirty or contaminated water into clean drinkable water for camping, travel, and survival.

Water will travel through the bottom of the filter and into the hollow fiber membranes. From there it flows through the coconut activated carbon and through into the mouthpiece – leaving you with BPA Free, chemical free, delicious tasting water.

How It Works

Step 1: Remove caps. The mouth cap also doubles as a whistle.

Step 2. Put the straw directly into your fresh water source or screw it to any standard plastic bottle (28 mm).

Step 3. Wait 15 seconds and then begin sucking water from the mouthpiece. If you’ve attached a bottled, turn it upside down and squeeze the water out. Reusable When you’re done with your straw, blow the excess water out and leave the caps open until it has dried.

New Design The new design allows you to use the bottle to squeeze water through the filter, rather than having to suck it from an open water source.

We’ve also made it smaller, lighter, more durable, and gave it the versatility of a survival kit.


Can I still use the filter without a bottle? Yes, you can still get down and drink from a water source using just the straw. We’ve added an extension tube that allows you to drink comfortably if you don’t want to put your face so close to the water.

What is the shelf life of the Water Filter? Your straw’s expiration date does not start until you open and use it. Once used, the straw should be replaced after 5 years or about 400 gallons of water have passed through it.


  • FILTER STRAW – Removes dirt and contaminants from rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks, mud puddles, and third world tap water.
  • .1 MICRON PURIFIER – Eliminates 99.9999% of parasites and bacteria.
  • WORKS WITH BOTTLES – This filter can screw directly onto to any standard 28mm water bottle.
  • PORTABLE & LIGHT – Our personal purifier straw is 7.5 inches long and weighs less than ½ pound.
  • Bonus Survival Gear – Your straw comes with a carabiner, signalling mirror, tourniquet / extension tube, bear whistle, and compass.


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