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Watercolor Pencils Painting Tutorial | How to paint a fox with Amazrock pencils

Watercolor Painting Tutorial | How to draw a fox with Amazrock Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Painting Tutorial with Frugal Crafter | How to draw a Fox


How To Draw a Fox Easily  – Easy demonstration with Frugal Crafter in this Watercolor Painting Tutorial | Amazrock Brands Collaboration

We are pleased to collaborate with Lindsay Weirich (Popular artist behind Art & Craft Youtube channel “The Frugal Crafter“).


In this video tutorial, Lindsay demonstrates how to draw a fox easily and painting using Amazrock Watercolor Pencils. You will hear her fun brand of drawing up the fox in the watercolor painting tutorial. It is absolutely delightful to see her showing the techniques and tips in real-time on achieving the drawing and painting effects.


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Watercolor Pencil Set Rollbag by Amazrock
Nice looking Roll Bag to house your wonderful watercolor pencils


Watch the Watercolor Painting Tutorial in real time – how to draw a fox step by step

Art Supplies used in watercolor painting tutorial demonstration:

  • Watercolor Pencils (Amazrock)
    • Color No. 116 – Storm Cloud
    • Color No. 47 – Jade
    • Color No. 71 – Prussian Blue
    • Color No. 82 – Deep Violet
    • Color No. 33 – Rasberry
    • Color No. 20 – Pumpkin
    • Color No. 17 – Mustard
    • Color No. 85 – Ginger Brown
    • Color No. 89 – Saddle Brown
    • Color No. 111 – Timberwood
  • Paper 6″x9″ 140# 100% cotton Aquabee Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolor brushes *I recommend small synthetic golden taklon brushes such as Royal & Langnickel Aqualon or Majestic
  • Water bucket, paper towel and a board to tape your paper down to
  • Printable pattern
  • Reference Photo


Amazrock Watercolor Pencils | Watercolor Painting tutorial lesson


36 Color palette for Amazrock Watercolor Pencils Set
36 Color Chart for Amazrock Water Soluble Colored Pencils Set (published as of Jul 2017)


Maine Cat Watercolor Painting with Amazrock Watercolor Pencils | Credit to Lindsay Weirich of TheFrugalCrafter



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Reference & Links :

The Frugal Crafter Youtube Channel



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