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FDA Approved - Amazrock Dual Mode Thermometer

Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer Dual Mode (Forehead & Ear) for Adults, Children & Infants


Digital Infrared Thermometer – FDA Approved

Digital Infrared Thermometer by Amazrock  – delivers a Dual Mode Forehead and Ear temperature scan function. It has an automatic fever warning and it supports reading in choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit. The many useful features of this thermometer facilitates easy use across all ages.

This FDA approved Amazrock digital infrared thermometer is designed for easy and convenient use by families. It can be used for adults, children and babies. The thermometer deploys the latest infrared technology that offers rapid and accurate reading results within an estimated 1 second time.


The thermometer features “Forehead scan mode” which makes it very easy and convenient to measure temperature. As such, there’s no fuss to approach your loved one or young child who is sleeping and take a temperature reading.


Amazrock Forehead & Ear Thermometer
Extensive Clinical Test and Trusted by Professionals

Great Buy Review – Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer Dual Mode (Forehead & Ear)

FDA Approved Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer. 


Are you  looking for a suitable Thermometer that can be used for baby, children and adults ?


We have an all-in-one solution for you. Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer Dual Mode supports temperature scan via Forehead or Eardrum Detection. It is designed for use with every member of the family, from the adults to the children. We wanted a friendly and easy-to-use thermometer that can be used for all ages. The intent is to help you get maximum value out of this thermometer helper.


The Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer design leverages the latest infrared scanning technology. It helps caregiver or medical professional to obtain fast and accurate body temperature.  You would be happy to know this thermometer is subject to extensive clinical trials. The results show the thermometer performance to be very reliable and accurate during these tests.


This product was once restricted to pediatricians and medical professionals only. We have now made this infrared thermometer technology available to to you.

Try out this trusted Amazrock digital infrared thermometers by Pediatricians and Medical Professionals.


Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer (Model : Amaz-HC1001401)


Modern Design & Convenient To Use

  • Ergonometric Design to facilitate easy use across all ages. The back-light screen makes it very convenient to use at night or under dim lighting conditions.


  • Rapid and Accurate Reading with 1 second measurement time.


  • “Forehead Scan Mode” Makes it Convenient to Measure Temperature while your child is sleeping.


  • Easy & Comfortable Use Experience as compared with other thermometer(s). Simple operations with just 2 buttons – “Head” (Forehead temperature detection) or “Ear” (Eardrum temperature scan).


  • Supports 20 readings memory recall.


  • Comes with two AAA batteries for immediate use. Supports thousands of temperature readings.


  • Rapid and Accurate Reading with 1 second measurement time.


  • Automatic Fever Warning is issued when temperature reading exceeds 99.5° F or 37.5º C.


6 Things to Know - Amazrock Digital Thermometer


Product Details

Contents :

  • 1x Retail Box
  • 1x Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer Dual Mode (Forehead & Ear). Includes two AAA batteries.
  • 1 unit of Carrying Case (Soft Pouch)
  • Includes Instruction Manual


Amazrock Forehead + Ear Thermometer

Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer for Adults & Children (Dual Mode – Forehead + Ear) | Model : Amaz-HC1001401

The new Amazrock Forehead + Ear thermometer provides the easy-to-use and convenience for measuring human body temperature. Using advanced infrared sensor technology, it offers a completely non-invasive forehead or eardrum option to take instant temperature reading within 1 second. Designed for professional accuracy, it is suitable for clinical & home use across all age group.

User-Friendly Functions


Looking to take a temperature on your loved ones without disturbing their rest ?

This Amazrock digital thermometer is the trusted choice that helps you minimize the struggle or stress of temperature taking.

How it works?
The Amazrock thermometer has an advanced infrared temperature sensor that detects infrared energy emitted from the forehead (or the eardrum depending on which detection mode you choose). The sensor collects the infrared energy and converts it into a temperature reading that is carefully calibrated and tested during clinical tests for professional accuracy.

With this Amazrock medical thermometer, you have the benefit of non-invasive temperature measurement with just a press of a buttion and get a instant reading within 1 second.

Fever guidance (exceeds 37.5C/99.5F)
Our model(s) offers large + color-coded screen and fever warning alarm with instant fever detection. A flashing red screen indicates fever and the thermometer shall give you an audio warning with 7 rapid & short rings. Whereas a green screen indicates a normal temperature range (no fever).


Convenient For Use

Amazrock Thermometer is the family companion to Mother takes care of daughter

The Dual Mode Forehead + Ear thermometer is quick and easy to use.

Forehead temperature measurement
With the probe cover attached, position the thermometer at the centre of forehead. Ensure that the thermometer is in contact with the forehead. Press and release the HEAD” button. The temperature will be taken and reading displayed on the screen instantly.

Eardrum temperature measurement
Gently remove the probe cover (you can give it a twist) to reveal the ear probe. Insert the ear probe into the ear canal. Press and release the “EAR” button. The temperature will be taken and reading displayed on the screen instantly.

Note: Please follow the given instructions as according to instruction manual. 
Warning : Eardrum detection is only suitable for age > 3 months & above. To be advised by doctor.


Amazrock Digital Thermometer - FDA Registered Medical Device  Amazrock Philosophy - "Design Manufacturing with Love  Amazrock Thermometer for Clinical + Home Use

Why Choose Amazrock Digital Thermometer ?

FDA Approved - Amazrock Dual Mode Thermometer

Children Safe

There is no danger of breaking glass or accidentally swallowing mercury (compared with mercury thermometer).



Minimize risk of contamination unlike use with mouth or anus thermometer.


Automatic Fever Warning

When temperature reading exceeds 37.5º C / 99.5° F, the thermometer shall sound fever warning with LCD flashing red and rapid-short alarm rings.


Extensive Clinical Test with Hospital.

Trusted by professionals and with support from designated hospitals, our thermometer product design is subject to precise clinical verification.


Comes with 1 year warranty

In order to provide better customer service to all customers, Amazrock provides a one year warranty for each Amazrock Thermometer product. Do note that it is only eligible for the items which are purchased directly from Amazrock.

* Warranty coverage – Product is warranted free from manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for the Product. The 1 year warranty starts from the date the Purchaser buys such product. This warranty applies only to the original enduser purchaser and is non-transferable. The coverage is restricted only to those defects which arise as a result of normal use of the hardware.


When taking temperature from different parts of your body, it is normal to obtain a slight variation in the temperature readings. An ear (tympanic) temperature is usually 0.5-1°F (0.3-0.6°C) higher than an oral temperature, whereas a forehead (temporal) temperature is usually 0.5-1°F (0.3-0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature. Therefore, it is NORMAL to get 1-2°F (0.6-1.2°C) difference between an ear measurement versus a forehead measurement. This is NOT due to the inaccuracy of the thermometer.

The thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive. Any dirt and/or oil can affect an accurate measurement. Check and clean the sensor regularly. The surface should be reflective and gleaming. If it is dull and lackluster, please clean the sensor with a q-tip cotton swabs (preferably soaked with alcohol).


Video – Fever Management


Understanding What is Flu and How They Invades Your Body


Knowing Your Child Fever – The Body’s Natural Response to Infection

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Amazrock Digital Forehead & Ear Thermometer


This popular product is no longer in production nor sold commercially by Amazrock. It will be supersede by the next generation medical thermometer to be brought to the market.


We are working on the next generation of digital thermometer for adult and baby. Keep tune for the new launch !


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2 thoughts on “Amazrock Digital Infrared Thermometer Dual Mode (Forehead & Ear) for Adults, Children & Infants

  1. LuAnn Ramer says:

    How do you change it from Celcius to fahrenhrit

    1. Hi LuAnn,

      1. When the thermometer is off, press and hold the EAR button for 6-9 seconds.
      2. The screen will display “- – – ” with “M” at the bottom right.
      3. Continue to hold the button until “- – -°C/°F” appears on the screen.
      4. Release the EAR button and the “- – -°C/°F” temperature unit will start to blink.
      5. Press the EAR button again within 5 seconds to change the temperature unit to your choice of “°F”.

      You can refer to the instruction manual that comes with the product box packaging. Hope this helps !

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