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Easy To Setup AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Mop | Amazrock Education Tutorial

Tutorial – How To Setup Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum and Connectivity to Home and Office WIFI Network


In this tutorial, you can watch a video instructional demonstration to learn how easy to setup and configure Amazrock Robot Vacuum and connect the AVE-L10 device to your home or office WIFI network. Alternatively, you may prefer the written step-by-step instruction guide on what to do by further reading this tutorial post.



Video Instruction – How to Setup Robot Vacuum


Click below video to watch a step-by step instructions on how to setup robot vacuum AVE-L10 by Amazrock.


Video Demo – Getting Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Cleaner Ready + Configure WIFI Connectivity



Step-by-Step Instructions For Setting Up AVE-L10 Robotic Vacuum and Mop


You can follow these step by step instructions on how to easily setup Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum and Mop.


Step #1 – Download and open the “TUYA SMART” App from your Google or Apple APP Store. Register New User Account. Thereafter, add device by pressing the “+” icon or use the “Add Device” button.


Setup AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum | Step 1
Setup AVE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner | Step 1 – Tutorial



Step #2 – Choose the “Smart Home Appliance” Category. Next, scroll down the screen till you find the “Robot Vacuum (WIFI)” icon. Select this icon to start setup.


Step-2---Choose-Small-Home-Appliance | Amazrock Education Series - Setup AVE-L10 Robot



Step #3 – Go to your android or apple device and change WIFI to 2.4GHz. Enter “password” for Tuya Smart App use to configure Amazrock AVE Robot to connect with your selected WIFI. Click “Next”.

* Do note that 5GHz WIFI is not supported.


Step-3---Choose-2.4Ghz-WIFI | Amazrock Education Series - Setup AVE-L10 Robot



Step #4 – Next change selection from “EZ Mode” to “AP Mode” as shown in below screenshot.

Now reset robot WIFI by pressing both home and power buttons (on robot) and hold it down till you hear a voice prompt ‘WIFI RESET’. Robot indicator will start blinking. Click “Next” on Tuya App.

Step4-Select AP Mode | AVE-L10 Setup



Step #5 – Robot WIFI hotspot is now “Live”. Go back to your Android or Apple device WIFI setting and search for the hotspot “SmartLife-xxxx”.





Step #6 – Select and connect your android or apple device to this hotspot “SmartLife-xxxx”. Once connected to the hotspot, please return to your Tuya App and click “Go to Connect”.

Step5-Select SMARTLIFE Robot WIFI | AVE-L10 Setup



Step #7 – Tuya App will now configure and setup robot to be connected to your home or office WIFI network.

Step 8 - Setup Configure Robot | AVE-L10 Setup



Step #8 – Robot will be added as device in Tuya App once setup configuration is successful. Amazrock Robotic vacuum “AVE-L10” is now ready for use.


Step 8ab- Setup completed | AVE-L10 Setup


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