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Bose Sport Earbuds – Wireless Earphones for Workouts and Running, Triple Black


Overall Rating  ★★★★✭  4.3 out of 5

Sound Quality   ★★★★☆  4.2

Bass Quality    ★★★★☆  4.1

Battery life    ★★★★☆  4.1

For working out ★★★★☆  4.0

Comfort         ★★★✭☆  3.4


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    Bose Sport Earbuds – Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones For Workout


    Engineered for your best workout yet | Bose Sport Earbuds




    Unleash the full power of your workout with Bose Sport Earbuds. These earbuds are designed to energize your exercise with their acclaimed lifelike sound and comfortable, secure fit. Get ready to push yourself to new heights and beat your personal best, again and again.


    Bose’s patented acoustic port design and premium, high-efficiency drivers work together to deliver powerful sound from a compact package. The Bose signature Volume-Optimized Active EQ automatically adjusts the bass, midrange, and treble based on the volume of your music, ensuring that you always hear the perfect balance of sound.


    The latest Bose StayHear Max tips are designed to create a tight seal within your ear canal. This not only enhances the intensity and passion of your music but also allows you to fully appreciate the low, bass notes that give your workout that extra boost.


    With Bose Sport Earbuds, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in your music and workout. The earbuds shield your ears from outside noise, allowing you to give your full attention to your exercise and music. Upgrade your workout with Bose Sport Earbuds today!



    Features of Bose Sport Earbuds


    Bose Sport Earbuds are true wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed to energize your exercise with acclaimed lifelike sound and a comfortably secure fit. Get ready to beat your personal best, again and again.


    • Bose lifelike sound: Makes your music sound like the performer is right there beside you, pushing you to go 1 more mile or do 1 more rep. To power them off, place both earbuds in the charging case and close the case.


    Acclaimed Lifelike Sound


    Quality Tested

    This set of earbuds is passed through rigorous quality testing for durability. They’re also rated IPX4 for water resistance, which means they’re protected against sweat and light rain. The electronics inside are wrapped in special materials that protect them from moisture, so your earbuds stay in top shape, just like you.


    • Wireless Bluetooth earbuds engineered by Bose for your best workout yet.
    • Secure and comfortable earbuds: Customize your fit with the included 3 sizes of StayHear Max tips that won’t hurt your ears and won’t fall out no matter tough your workout is.
    • Weather and sweat-resistant earbuds: IPX4 rated, with electronics wrapped in special materials to protect from moisture wherever you exercise
    • Note: If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance. Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ears



    Designed for Audio Enjoyment & Clear Calls

    Meanwhile, your caller will hear you clearly, too — thanks to the beam-forming microphone array that separates your voice from surrounding noise so your callers can hear you better.


    Bose Sport Earbuds connect to the free Bose Music app, which lets you name your earbuds, set the controls the way you like them, check your battery, and more.




    They sound bigger than they look. The proprietary acoustic port design and premium, high-efficiency drivers inside Bose Sport Earbuds deliver big sound from a small acoustic package — pushing you to go one more mile or one more rep.


    Bose Sport Earbuds Triple Black - Easy Touch Controls


    Simple touch controls | Bose Sport Earbuds

    Bose Sport Earbuds feature a capacitive touch interface, which lets you tap an earbud to play or pause music, accept or reject phone calls and more.


    On the right Earbud, tap to play or pause music and to answer calls. And on the left Earbud, double-tap to engage a Shortcut function of your choice like checking your battery level.


    • Simple touch controls: Instead of buttons, the capacitive touch interface lets you swipe up and down for volume control (opt-in feature via Bose Music App), tap to play or pause music, answer calls, and more



    Up to 5 hours of battery life per charge

    When fully charged, the charging case (included) can provide two full charges for up to 10 more hours—or a 15-minute quick charge for up to two hours.



    Reliable Bluetooth connectivity

    Within 30 ft. (9 m) of your device, you’ll hear whatever your device is playing. A custom Bose-designed antenna, concealed on the exterior of each earbud, aids in maintaining a stable connection and minimizing the likelihood of interruptions.


    • Compatible with IOS and Android




    Total control With Free Bose Music App

    The free Bose Music app allows you to name your earphones, customize the controls, check the battery life, and receive software upgrades as soon as they become available.


    • Bose Music app: Start by downloading the app and syncing your earbuds, then name your earbuds, set the controls, check battery life, and more.




    The StayHear Max tips have a unique umbrella shape and a long, flexible wing that keep your Bose Sport Earbuds in place no matter how much you move.




    Designed to resist moisture from sweat and weather, Bose Sport Earbuds go through rigorous quality testing for durability so they’ll stay in top shape, just like you.



    Specifications – Bose Sport Earbuds


    • Style: Earphones
    • Brand: Bose
    • Model Name: Sport Earbuds
    • Color: Triple Black
    • Form Factor: In Ear
    • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
    • Product Dimensions: 0.83 x 1.05 x 0.74 inches
    • Item Weight: 0.3 ounces
    • Item model number: 805746-0010
    • Batteries: 3 Lithium Ion batteries required (included)
    • Manufacturer: Bose
    • Country of Origin: China


    Style: Truly wireless earbud

    • Fit: In-Ear
    • Active Noise Canceling: NO
    • Bluetooth: 5.1
    • Water Resistance Rating: IPX4
    • Charging Case: YES
    • Battery Life: Up to 5 hours
    • Battery Life with charging case: Up to 15 hours
    • Touch Controls: YES


    What’s in the box

    • Cable
    • Wireless Charging Case
    • Eartips


    Bose Sport Earbuds Triple Black - Charging Case


    What Some Customers Say About Their experience with Bose Sport Earbuds | Reviews


    Bose Sport Earbuds Review | Is it good and enjoyable to use outdoors and workouts? How is the real-life listening experience? Is this pair of Bose Sport Earbuds worth it?


    ★★★★★ Nice fit into the ear and arrived on time

    Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2023

    I went from Samsung Galaxy buds to these and I am thoroughly impressed by these headphones. For their large size they do not protrude from the ear as much as I was expecting and they fit nicely. Compared to other silicon bud earbuds they do not reduce background noise as much.

    They are also lacking functionality compared to my previous headphones; While the volume feature is handy, I would like to see some more customizability for gestures.




    ★★★★☆ Great but lacking functionality

    Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2023

    The bass is amazing, feels great around the head and ears. One small thing is that I wish the highs were more clear and louder. The bass is almost the only thing you notice the most on any song if you have it turned up 100%




    ★★★★☆ Doesn’t hold the charge long enough for use while sleeping. Otherwise, all’s good.

    Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2023

    Use for sleeping, walking, and doing boring chores.
    I said they need to be charged after about 4 hours. That said, the little charger chargers faster than e.g., my phone. I was actually surprised at how fast I get 100% charge. I wear them while out walking. They are not so sound deadening that they are dangerous to use--either driving or walking.

    It's good that they are blue as they are harder to lose. My phone is black, and I easily lose it or, I have accidentally picked up someone else's phone.




    ★★★☆☆ Expected a little bit better sound from the Bose.

    Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2023

    The sound quality was less than I expected, I did like how they stayed on my ears during my workout, The battery life is pretty decent.




    FAQ for Bose Sport Earbuds


    What’s the difference between Bose Sport Earbuds and Bose SoundSport Free headphones?

    Bose Sport Earbuds are 40% smaller than SoundSport Free. They also feature touch controls, instead of buttons. And they offer improved wireless reliability and dual-bud calling.



    How is the microphone clarity? Would this work well for video conference calls?

    Bose Sport Earbuds have an integrated dual-microphone array located in each earbud to you to use them during calls. The earbuds must be connected to a smartphone that supports the Bluetooth HFP profile. Call audio will be heard from both the right and left earbuds.


    In addition to traditional calls, the earbuds will work with many apps that use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps. Examples of such applications include Skype or FaceTime.



    Are Bose Sport Earbuds sweat and weather resistant?

    Yes, Bose Sport Earbuds have passed IPX4 testing. This means that the electronics inside are protected from getting wet. This particularly useful if you run in the rain or sweat a lot.



    Where is the off n on buttons?

    There are no physical buttons on the earbuds. To power them off, place both earbuds in the charging case and close the case.



    What happens when I remove the right bud from my ear?

    When you take the right bud out of your ear, it will automatically pause your content in both buds. The right bud also enables auto-answering phone calls when placed in your right ear. Note: these features are configurable through the Bose Music app.



    How do you control the volume?

    The volume can be controlled directly from the source device.



    Are these ear buds Qi-enabled?

    The Bose sports earbuds are not Qi wireless charging enabled.



    Difference – Bose Sports vs QuietComfort Earbuds 

    Highlights of Bose Sports Earbuds vs Bose QuietComfort Earbuds


    Feature Bose Sports Earbuds Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
    Design In-ear, with StayHear+ Sport tips In-ear, with StayHear+ Max tips
    Noise Cancellation No Yes
    Sound Quality High High
    Battery Life Up to 5 hours Up to 6 hours
    Sweat and Weather Resistant Yes Yes
    Voice Assistant Compatible Yes Yes
    Price $$ $$$



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