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Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils – Box of 100 Assorted


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    Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils | Includes 1 Pencil Blender, 1 Full Blender


    Experience the Brilliance of Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils – Where Smoothness Meets Vibrancy | Perfect for Artists and Creative Professionals


    Caran d' Ache Luminance Colored Pencils 100 - Trays of pencils


    Features of Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils


    Experience the unparalleled smoothness and permanence of Caran d’Ache Luminance Pencils, crafted for artists and creative professionals. These pencils boast exceptional lightfastness, complying with the highest international standard ASTM D-6901. It also offers a wide range of colors developed with highly concentrated pigments.


    With their strong coverage and mixing capacity, these pencils allow for intense applications, blending, and burnishing, thanks to the finely-ground pigments chosen for their purity, intensity, and UV 100 resistance. Elevate your artwork with the brilliance of these Luminance Colored Pencils.


    The set contains 100 assorted colors, 1 pencil blender (wooden-cased), and 1 full blender (woodless). These are Colorless oil-wax medium woodless blenders for blending, dry mixing, and color intensification. Combines the mixing and unifying capabilities of a blender with the consolidating and glossing properties of a burnisher. 


    Color Chart


    Unique Benefits of Caran d Ache Colored Pencils Luminance

    • Unmatched Smoothness and Water-Resistance: Caran d Ache Luminance Pencils feature a smooth and permanent lead that is water-resistant, allowing artists to achieve maximal covering power with bright and intense colors. The soft 3.8mm lead is ideal for mixings, gradations, blending, shading, and burnishing with a white pencil, providing versatile options for various techniques.


    • High Pigment Concentration for Vibrant Colors: These Colored Pencils are known for their high pigment concentration, resulting in bright and intense colors with just a single stroke. This allows artists to create visually stunning artwork with vivid and bold results.


    • Premium Quality Materials: They are made from the best cedar wood, ensuring durability and a smooth drawing experience. The pencils are round and made of 8-plys, with end-sealed caps in the same color as the lead, and are marked with color names and codes for easy reference. This attention to detail and quality materials make these pencils a top choice for artists and creative professionals.


    • Complementary with Other Caran d’Ache Ranges: The Luminance Pencils are designed to complement other ranges of Caran d’Ache pencils, such as Pablo and Supracolor, providing artists with a wide palette of colors to choose from for their artwork. This versatility allows for creative flexibility and the ability to achieve desired effects.


    • Convenient Packaging for Storage: This Color Pencil Set of 100 Colors comes in a practical cardboard box for easy storage when not in use, ensuring that the pencils are protected and organized. This makes them convenient for artists to keep their workspace tidy and efficient.



    Specifications – Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils


    Technical Data to Know | Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils

    Brand Caran d’Ache
    Color Multi
    Age Range (Description) Adult
    Material Type Cedar
    Point Type Fine
    Special Feature Blendable
    Product Dimensions LxWxH 13.9 x 8 x 2.2 inches
    Item Weight 10.6 ounces (300 Grams)
    Item model number J6901800
    Size 100 Count (Pack of 1)
    Manufacturer Part Number J6901800
    Manufacturer Caran D’Ache


    Caran d'Ache Luminance Colored Pencils 100 - Lifestyle Photo


    What Some Customers Say About Their Experience with Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils | Reviews


    Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils Review | Is it easy to apply? Are these good quality for drawing, coloring, and illustrations? Is this colored pencil set worth it?


    ★★★★★ Lovely

    Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2023

    Quite pricey. Good color selection. A little hard to apply, but I think that's the nature of this type of pencil. The wood casing is nice - no cracking. These are easy to sharpen.

    L. Vandeveer



    ★★★★★ Good quality

    Reviewed in the United States on December 18, 2022

    They are so amazing.

    Benjamin Jones



    ★☆☆☆☆ Very disappointed

    Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2022

    I had been really looking forward to getting a set of these pencils for a while now, but when I finally purchased them I was shocked at what I received. The packaging and everything was beautiful and sturdy, but the pencils themselves did not lay down smooth at all. They were very scratchy and difficult to work with. I am familiar with other higher-end pencil brands and have never had an experience like this. I don't know if I just got a bad batch of pencils or what, but I am super disappointed. For this price the quality control should be much better. I doubt I will try any of their pencils again.




    ★★★★★ I love the way these pencils are packaged.

    Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2022

    ive been doing portraiture for over 10 years, these pencils are my absolute favorite. particularly if you like to work on toned or dark papers.

    Cody csepp



    ★★★★★ Pure Luxury

    Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2022

    I paid more and got these instead of Prisma Colors. I am so glad. There is no comparison. It is like Macy's and Dollar General. THESE are truly a luxury item. Packaged nicely to protect the pencils. Nice Box. Cushioned in foam with individual slots each for pencil. Great laydown. Creamy smooth and blendable. More money equals a much nicer product in this case. Will buy again. Very impressed.

    Bella Spectral




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