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Cooler Beverage Holder | Yeti Beer Holder

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    Cooler Beverage Holder by YETI


    The YETI Beverage Holder mounts to the side of your YETI Tundra or Tank and serves as a secure and convenient caddy for your frosty beverage. This heavy-duty, powder coated stainless steel holder slides securely into the AnchorPoint Tie-Down slot of your YETI, but doesn’t get in the way of opening your cooler to grab another frosty beverage.


    You bought YETI Beer Holder to conveniently hold your beer close at all times. Just attach this heavy duty stainless steel beverage holder to your Tundra and your brew would not be misplaced again.


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    Compatible with the following :

    • Rambler Colster family,
    • Rambler 16oz Pint,
    • Rambler 26oz Cup,
    • Rambler 10oz, 20oz,
    • 30oz Tumbler,
    • Rambler 12oz and 18oz Bottle.



    Product Features of Yeti Beer Holder


    • This Cooler Beverage Holder accommodates beer and soda, with or without most koozies
    • The Yeti Beer Holder slides into the YETI AnchorPoint Tie-Down Slot
    • Made of powder coated stainless steel its sure to be durable enough for years of use
    • The holder doesn’t get in the way of opening your cooler to grab another frosty beverage
    • Mounts to the side of all YETI hard cooler models and is compatible with the Rambler Colster, 20 oz Rambler Tumbler, 30 oz Rambler Tumbler and 18 oz Rambler Bottle.



    Holds Your Beer Bottle Securely - Mounted On Coolers



    Product Specifications

    Size : One Size
    Color : Black

    Manufacturer : ‎ YETI



    What Some Customers Say About Beverage Holder | Yeti Reviews


    Yeti Beverage Holder Reviews


    ★★★★★ This is one serious cup holder!!

    Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2015
    Holy crap it's heavy! I mean that in a good way. For whatever reason I thought this was gonna be plastic - and for $35 bucks I kept telling myself I was crazy spending that kind of money on a plastic cup holder. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything else designed like this that would easily just slip over a rail. But then I got it and wow I was impressed. It's solid metal with a nice glossy no-scratch finish. Leave it to the guys who invented a $500 cooler that barely holds a case of beer to come up with a $35 cup holder that looks like it shoulda been made in China. Although it doesn't. I'm telling you - you could stand on this and jump and it won't bend. Easily there's $35 in here in weight alone. Bottom line it's an awesome cup holder. I don't think I can justify a second one, but fortunately, I think this one's gonna last so I don't have to.
    Seth K.


    ★★★★★ perfect for the bucket tackle box I set up

    Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2018
    perfect for the bucket tackle box I set up. Looked all over for something like this for the boat, and there just isnt anything like it out there.
    hold the large cups as needed
    Howard L Litvack


    ★★★★★ Perfect for power wheelchair!

    Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2021
    This cup holder slips right on the thigh pad of my husband's power wheelchair and works better than anything we have ever used. It is very very sturdy and does not cause any issues with his leg. It's perfect!



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