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CosyNation Baby Lounger – Lightweight | Infant Floor Seat

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    CosyNation Baby Lounger – Soft Breathable Cotton and Fiberfill


    A Must Have for Newborn | The Comfy & Safe Cocoon Designed For CosyNation Baby Lounger


    This baby lounger by CosyNation delivers the essentials for safe and quality time with your baby.

    • Playtime with parent
    • Tummy time
    • Sitting support for floor
    • Diaper change time
    • Outdoor time



    CosyNation Baby Lounger - Parent Baby Bond Time



    Features of CosyNation Baby Lounger


    Safety Certified

    This baby product has been given the Oeko-Tex Class I certification, which is their highest possible rating. In addition to being compliant with CPSIA regulations, this baby lounger also bears the CPC seal of approval.


    To guarantee that each and every one of the CosyNation baby loungers is up to par with the industry’s requirements, each one is manufactured under the watchful eye of an experienced quality assurance team.


    CosyNation Baby Lounger - CPSIA Safety Certified



    Breathable & comfortable material

    Cosynation baby lounger cover sheet is made entirely of breathable cotton. To ensure the baby’s safety, the bumper is also filled with soft, breathable fiberfill, and the cushion is filled with 3D breathable polyester.


    This lounger is made of high-quality materials and helps to soothe the baby. Parents would be glad to learn that the baby’s delicate skin will not have an allergic reaction to the fabric.



    Just like Mommy’s comfortable arms 

    The Lounger’s bionic design, which mimics mommy’s arms, creates a relaxing space for the baby. A 1.6-inch-thick mattress provides gentle support for infants and keeps them off the hard, cold floor, creating a soothing, enveloping environment that is ideal for sleep and development.



    Easy to Clean The CosyNation Baby Lounger

    Using the concealed zipper, you can easily remove the sheets from the CosyNation lounger. The sheets can be washed in a standard home washing machine as needed. Liquids are less likely to penetrate the product because both the pad and the edge are water-resistant.


    Cleaning the lounger is as simple as wiping it down, which reduces your housework.



    Customizable Fit For Growing Baby

    You can customize the fit of this infant lounger by adjusting the drawstring to a looser or tighter position, depending on the size of your child. It can be adjusted to accommodate newborns. Because of this, caregivers can keep an eye on them while they relax, do tummy time, or sit up.


    This is a stylish present for the parents of newborns or for expectant mothers who are attending a baby shower.


    The Cosy Nation baby lounger is NOT intended to be used as a bed or as a sleeping device. As a result of this, parents are required to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times while the baby is using the lounger.




    This infant floor seat lounger weighs only 3.6 pounds. It has two convenient handles for portability on the go or simply moving from room to room. These features combine to make it a comfortable and convenient lounger for your baby at any time and in any location.


    CosyNation Baby Lounger - Design for Convenience and Portable



    Specifications – CosyNation Baby Lounger


    • Package Dimensions ‎13.35 x 11.73 x 5.47 inches
    • Item model number ‎cn-113-1
    • Item Weight ‎3.45 pounds


    Care instructions ‎

    • Machine wash supported.  Please do not add bleach.
    • Recommend to wipe and sun the edge and mat for baby hygiene.
    • Machine wash on cold, gentle cycle; use a cool temperature setting in the dryer.


    Recycle Recommendations

    Give the Cosynation Baby Lounger a second life by gifting to shelters for homeless animals or pets



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