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RENPHO Scale for Body Weight and Fat with Large Colored LCD Display, Elis 1


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    RENPHO Scale | High Accurate Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with App, 400lbs


    Top Rated & Popular Digital Body Fat Scale – High Accuracy + Clear LED Display + Unlimited Users + 13 Body Health Metrics | RENPHO Scale Smart Analyzer for Body Composition



    Why Choose the RENPHO’s Body Fat Scale?

    • It features a holistic analysis of your body composition.
    • It lets you track your progress with accessible interactive charts in the Renpho Health app.
    • It lets you gain a deeper understanding of your health that provides a historical insight into your headway.



    About the Renpho Health App.

    • Sync your health data from Renpho Health to your favorite fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health, Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit.
    • Achieve your fitness goals by comparing your body composition metrics and monitoring your overall weight with key health indexes.



    Features of RENPHO Scale | Elis 1 Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


    RENPHO Health App features 13 essential body composition analyses:

    • Weight,
    • Body Water,
    • BMI,
    • Bone Mass,
    • Metabolic Age,
    • Body Fat,
    • Subcutaneous Fat,
    • Visceral Fat,
    • Skeletal Muscle,
    • Muscle Mass,
    • Protein,
    • BMR,
    • Fat-Free Body Weight.



    Large LED Color Display

    All in ONE large colored VA display of scale for body weight and fat: Check your weight, body fat, and body fat grade with ease on the clear, colored display screen and get a holistic view of your key health data. Note: Pair the device with the app for your first use. For the succeeding usage, the display will show the body fat data without connecting to the app repeatedly.



    Essential Body Composition Metrics Tracking With Renpho Scale

    13 body composition analysis. The digital Renpho scale uses the latest bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to accurately measure your 13 health metrics including weight, BMI, body fat, body water, protein, fat-free body weight, and so on. These body composition metrics are recorded in the app where you can check your improvements with a real-time graph.


    Renpho Scale Elis 1 - Tracks 13 Body Composition Metrics


    Compatible with Popular Fitness Apps

    Sync with popular fitness apps: Download the Renpho Health app to start using the body weight scale and track your body composition. Create unlimited profiles for the whole family and track your health data together.


    The Renpho Health app is also compatible with popular fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit so that you can sync your health data and monitor your health progress anytime, anywhere.



    High Accuracy Body Scale

    Accurate measurements. Created with 4 high-responsive sensors, the smart bathroom scale can measure precisely in 0.2 lb. (0.05 kg) increments and is suitable for persons weighing up to 400 lbs.


    Accurate Weight Measurement



    Smart Health Device for Masses

    RENPHO constantly strives to develop smart healthy products that are accessible to all by bringing them a healthier, happier life. There have been 13 million happy users choosing RENPHO worldwide.



    Specifications – RENPHO Scale Elis 1


    Technical Data to Know | RENPHO Scale Elis 1

    Brand RENPHO
    Max Weight Measurment 400 Pounds
    Batteries 3 AAA batteries are required. (included)
    Product Dimensions 11.2 (L) x 11.2 (W) x 0.96 (H) inches; 3.2 Ounces
    Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer RENPHO


    Appliance Dimensions and Large Display



    How to Calibrate Your Renpho Scale

    Calibrating your Renpho scale is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps:

    1. Place the scale on a hard and flat surface. Softer floors like carpet can cause inaccuracies.

    2. Step onto the scale with one foot until the LED screen lights up. Step off and wait for the LED screen to display “CAL”. When “0.00” is displayed, the scale is calibrated and you can step on it for measurement.

    3. During the measurement, keep your weight centered directly above the scale as much as possible.

    4. Wait for the scale to auto-shutoff (about 10 seconds), and you should be able to view accurate results via the app.


    If you think your scale is still showing inaccurate results, there might be an internal error. In this case, try resetting the scale by removing one battery for 5 seconds and then putting it back in.



    Additional Tips for Accurate Measurements

    1. Avoid moving the scale frequently as it can lead to inaccuracies.

    2. Keep in mind that everyone’s weight fluctuates throughout the day. Thus, to minimize fluctuations, weigh yourself at the same time each day (like in the morning).

    3. The Renpho scale has an accuracy range, which is as follows:

      • 50kgs: ± 0.3kg
      • 100kgs ± 0.4kg
      • 150kgs ± 0.5kg
      • 110lbs: ± 0.66lb
      • 220lbs ± 0.88lb
      • 330lbs ± 1.1lbs


    Important Notice

    If the scale has been moved or turned upside down, it must be recalibrated to ensure accurate results. Follow the steps mentioned above to calibrate Renpho Scale.



    What Some Customers Say About Their Experience with RENPHO Scale Elis 1 | Reviews


    RENPHO Scale Elis 1 Review | Is it accurate and easy to use? What fitness apps does it support? Is this body fat scale worth it?


    ★★★★★ Works great and app is great

    Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2023

    Measures body fat and other metrics as well as weight and sends it to the app in seconds. You can trend the measurements to track progress.

    Christopher T. Williams



    ★★★★★ Great app sync, easy to keep track of weight

    Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2022

    Easy sync with the mobile app and easy use to enter new weight. The scale looks very nice as well. The dark color with silver colored contacts are a nice touch.

    Tech-Tool-Car-Computer Enthusiast Guy



    ★★★☆☆ My weight is not accurate at times

    Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2022

    One day my weight records as it should and the next day it registers 20
    Ponds lighter. I’m considering returning it but will try to put my feet in different positions on the pressure pads to see if this helps first.

    Debby A.



    ★★★★★ Worth the money

    Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2022

    I own this scale and I own the Tanita BC 1500Pro BIA scale. If you are looking for a scale that compares very well with what I consider the leader in the market for BIA scales this Renpho scale and phone app will be perfect for you.

    John Smith



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