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Cloth Diaper Liner

Cloth Diaper Liner That Stays Dry | Premier Baby Product

Bamboo Baby Cloth Diaper Insert Helps You Save Money

Cloth Diaper Liner Inserts
Offer Better Protection to Your Baby | Stay Dry & Anti-bacterial Quality

Great Buy Review – One of the “Cloth Diaper Liner” Best Seller in Amazon

Naturally Nature is one of the “Stay Dry Cloth Diaper Liner” market brand offering  a “5-Layer Charcoal Bamboo Baby Liner Inserts with Gussets for Cloth Diapers”.

Great “Staying Dry” Function

  • The baby cloth diaper liner comes with 3 layers of microfiber sandwiched between 2 layers of charcoal bamboo.
  • Their “great stay-dry” feature works well at keeping your baby’s bottom dry.
  • They are highly absorbent and can easily absorb up to 8 ounce of liquid !

One Size fits all

  • With size at 13 x 5 inches each, they should fit most “One Size cloth diapers”.

Offer Better Protection | Reusable and Save Money

  • The baby cloth diaper insert is made of organic charcoal bamboo material composition and they offer the following benefits :
    • Antibacterial quality that better protect babies with rashes.
    • The Liners won’t bunch up and they are easy to wash and dry.
    • Stain resistant color.
    • Help prevent soiling or staining of the Diaper (or Nappy)
    • Soft, breathable and comfortable for baby


Baby Cloth Diaper Liners Explained

Baby liners, or otherwise known as Nappy liners as well, are a great addition to Diapers and serve two main functions:

  • They catch the solids, making it easier for the carer to dispose of down the toilet;
  • They can act as a “stay dry layer” next to your baby’s skin. This offers better protection for baby’s sensitive skin.


Top Tips:

  • Never fold or double up nappy liners as this can trap wetness next to your baby’s skin or cause a leak.
  • When using reusable liners, you may find that you have to wash or rinse the liner in the toilet to get the worst of the poo off . The recommendation is to hold the liner firmly while you flush the toilet.  The wet liner can then be stored in the bucket along with the cloth diaper or nappies.


Interesting Point to Note :

  • Some people pop wet paper liners through the wash with their nappies and find they can reuse them.
  • You don’t need to use a liner if your nappy already has a layer of fleece next to baby’s skin. But you may find using a paper liner is more convenient for flushing solids.
  • Do experiment with the different liner options to find out what suits you best. It is always good to have a mixture of liner types to use in different circumstances. For example, you may like to use
    • flushable liners when you’re travelling out
    • cotton liners for night times

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