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10 Factors to Consider When Buying Bluetooth Headphones

Buying Bluetooth Headphones | What is Right For You ?


Do you plan to buy a new set of Bluetooth headphones soon? Do you want to make sure that the next ones you buy have everything you’ll need in a pair of headphones? Are you looking to get a friend or family member the best headphones for the holidays?


With a ton of choices in the market, it can be confusing to find the perfect Bluetooth headphones. It can be difficult to find the one that is most suitable for you.


Below, we’ll discuss 10 factors you should consider when buying Bluetooth headphones.



1. Get the Right Type of Headphones

First, consider which types of headphones you prefer. If you like to insert your headphones into your ears, the right type for you is in-ear headphones. The pros of in-ear headphones are that they are subtle and more portable.


However, remember that it’s easier to lose them. Over 100 Apple in-ear headphones or cases got found within a year in the subway system. In-ear headphones are good only if you find the right fit for your ears.


There are confusing and almost similar types like on-ear and over-ear headphones. On-ear headphones are the size of your ears and they rest on top of them. They cause less sweating and won’t apply too much pressure on your ears.


Over-ear headphones are big, bulky cans that engulf your whole ears. They’re the choice for you if you don’t like to feel any pressure on your cartilage. They also offer great sound isolation and noise reduction.



2. What Will You Use Headphones For?

Certain headphone types match certain situations. Knowing the purpose of the headphones will also act as our guide. This goes in tune with the features of the headphones.


Do you plan to use Bluetooth headphones for listening to music while working out? Did you know that you can enjoy your workout session more when you listen to music while exercising? A study found that runners who listened to music enjoyed the exercise 13% more than podcast listeners.


If you want to use it for working out, look for a pair that is waterproof or sweatproof. Are you looking at using it for talking while you’re on the go? Certain headphones come with built-in high-quality microphones.


As a note, most headphones are great for all-around use. You don’t need different pairs for different tasks. However, it’ll help if you know what you want to use it for the most.



3. Consider the Price When Buying Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s not forget how big a role price plays when you’re buying Bluetooth headphones. Consider your budget and what kind of headphones you can get with it. Do you have enough to get models from popular brands?


The great thing about shopping for Bluetooth headphones is that you can find one you like in all price ranges. For example, you can get a Jabra and JBL model with good quality and low cost. If you want to buy a branded one with the same quality, you can find a Bose, Sony, or Sennheiser model.


If you’re working with a budget, consider all the available headphones in that range. Chances are that you’ll find one with good quality for the cost. You don’t need to spend $400 on a pair of Bluetooth headphones to hear music from quality cans.



4. How Is Sound Quality of Bluetooth Headphones?

Speaking of quality, if you’re buying bluetooth headphones, why settle for low-quality sounds?


It’s untrue that Bluetooth headphones can’t offer good sound quality like wired ones. It depends on the coding format of the transmission and the sound-generating unit.


If you want good sounds, look for aptX audio coding. These are the audio codec compression algorithms that reduce the bit rate. You’d also want a Bluetooth headset with the latest Bluetooth technology. That’s Bluetooth 5 or at least Bluetooth 4.1.


For non-techy buyers, reading reviews can tell you about the sound quality. Check references and reviews online to see what past buyers have to say about the audio quality. They can also tell you a bit little about the model, like how comfortable or easy to use it is.


For optimal sound quality, you can’t go wrong with the Amazrock Headphones AB18. Not only does it feature the aforementioned Bluetooth 5 but it also comes with noise isolation and super bass sound. It’s one you shouldn’t cross out on your list of best choices.



5. Consider Design, Size, and Weight When Buying Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones come in different sizes and weights like everybody has unique head sizes.


The key to finding the right Bluetooth headphones is to find the right size for you. You don’t want to get a small pair of headphones that will seem too small for your skull. It can also put unnecessary pressure on your ears.


When you buy a pair of headphones, try them on and see how you like them. Are they too big for your ears or too heavy? When you wear them around your neck, does it dig into your skin?


Bluetooth headphones make great gifts for music lovers, so find a well-fitted pair. Do you want to read more about what to give your significant other? Check out our Valentine’s day gift ideas here for research on buying bluetooth headphones.



6. Look for Sweatproof and/or Waterproof Headphones

For some people, these are essential Bluetooth headphone features. If you like to exercise with headphones on, you’d want a pair of sweatproof headphones. Headphones that aren’t sweatproof can get degraded sound quality fast.


Sweating or other types of liquids can also destroy the drivers in earphones not created to be waterproof. If you want to make sure your headphones can withstand liquids, check their IPX rating. You’d want an IPX rating of at least 7 or 8 for waterproofing.


Check that your earphones are waterproof (and not water-resistant only) before dipping them. Any rating below IPX7 is not fit for water submersion. Also, an IPX7 rating means you can submerge the device up to 1 meter deep and for 30 minutes only.



7. Check the Comfort, Fit, and Security

Today, Americans spend over 32 hours per week listening to music. However, listening to music on your headphones can become painful if you buy the wrong pair. Thus, you want your headphones to be as comfortable as they can be, even after a long period of wearing them.


You also want the headphones to be the right fit for your ears/head. To know this, you’d want to know how big your ears are. If you’re buying in-ear headphones, find the perfect ear tips that fit your ears.


When we talk about headphone security, we’re talking about how well it stays on your head or ears. Does moving your head dislodge or skew the earphones? Finding a secure pair of headphones is essential to athletes or to those who work out listening to music.



8. Durability

How long does it take your headphones to last before they’re broken? How often do you have to replace your headphones? All quality pairs of Bluetooth headphones are durable and long-lasting.


Bluetooth headphones make it so you don’t have to worry about any cables getting tangled. It’s one less thing for you to worry about. All that’s left is to be careful about getting it wet, dropping, or sitting on it.


Again, if you want to learn how long-lasting a pair of headphones is, check online reviews for the model. You can also check YouTube review channels or review blogs for their observations.



9. Look for a Standard USB Port for Charging

Charging your headphones doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. However, charging headphone models with unique USB ports can feel like one. You want your headphones to have a standard USB charging port.


This way, you can connect it to any cable with a standard USB connector. It’ll be easier for you to find a charging cable that matches the headphones charging port. You won’t have to look for a special cable so you can charge your headphones.


Those unique charging cables may cost more. Check the labels on products to see if they use standard USB charging.



10. Learn About Its Other Features and Accessories

Finally, let’s talk about the features and accessories of Bluetooth headphones.


A smart, energy-saving feature is the connectible feature. They’re already wireless devices, but some offer wired connections. However, in most cases, you’ll have to provide an audio cable to connect your headphones and smartphone.


You may also want voice control features. This makes it easy for you to make calls without having to open your phone. If you have a habit of losing your gadgets, you may like a Find Me feature.


Headphones make a great Mother’s day gift idea for tech-savvy or music-loving moms. To make it easier for them to use headphones, make sure the controls are well-placed. They won’t have to remove the headphones to look for the buttons every time they need to press it.



Buy the Best Bluetooth Headphones for You


That is the end of our 10 factors to consider when buying Bluetooth headphones. Now, you don’t have to regret not considering important factors like comfort or type. If you’re buying headphones for someone else as a holiday gift, you know now how to find the right pair for them.


Did you enjoy reading this guide on the things you have to consider when buying Bluetooth headphones? Check out our blog to see more posts to help you find the right products.


If you want to talk to us or learn how we’ll find the perfect gadgets for you, contact us @Amazrock Brands Editorial Team here!



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