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67% OFF! Santa Fe Art Supply Best Quality Artist Paintbrush Set. Acrylic Oil Watercolor & Face Paint. 15 (+1)

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A Quality Brush Set For Every Artist

Santa Fe brings you a complete, 15 + 1 paintbrush set that comes with all the sizes you’ll need along with a carrying case so that you can stay creative no matter where you are.

Made for professionals, amateurs & parents who are on the lookout for a quality choice that will withstand their kid’s creative explosions- Our kit is the perfect, affordable choice.

Our Brushes- The Right Tools To Nourish Your Creativity

With 16 total brushes, ranging in sizes from 000-12, you can work on your art from the first broad strokes, all the way to the final, finest details and apply all manners of techniques.

Each brush

    ✔ Is 12″ in size

    ✔ Features a long-handle for better control

    ✔ Is made with polished, real wood for enhanced durability

The bristles, made from synthetic Nylon, a favorable choice among artists for their resilience- offer smooth linework & strokes, without hair flying off your brush.

The Perfect Gift For The Messy Artist!

Our handy organizer travel case, not only makes our art set an impressive gift for even the pickiest artist, it also allows you to effortlessly carry your art supplies everywhere & protect them when not in use.

Furthermore, its unique feature allows it to stand up- as a display case- and allow you to easily pick your brush up and put it back in.

No more lost brushes or brush sets tied with rubber bands!

Enhance Your Art & Actually Look Forward To Grabbing Your Brush

Craftsmen & Craftswomen- if you are looking to bring your watercolors to life, create a mesmerizing oil painting, experiment with acrylics, ink almighty heroes or simply let creativity soothingly fill your free time-

-The Santa Fe kit was created for you.

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  • FULL SET OF 15 + 1 PAINTBRUSHES: Everything you need to unleash your inner Van Gogh, in a single amazing case with 15 brushes of all sizes, includes a detail brush. Whether you’re into watercolor, face painting, gouache, oil painting, acrylics, our paint brush set was made to bring your art to life!
  • HANDY ORGANIZER-CASE: Our paint brush set comes in a sturdy paintbrush case that helps you keep everything neat & tidy. Throw our brush organizer in your bag and create outdoors wherever you find inspiration or simply take with you at school or to your studio.
  • FOR BOTH THE MASTER & NOVICE ARTIST: Professional art supplies do not make the artist, but cheap & flimsy paintbrushes are always a cause of frustration. Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist, you can enjoy a premium-grade set of 12″ long-handle brushes, with a polished, real wood handles and synthetic bristles that stay in shape and don’t get in your way of working.
  • BROAD STROKES & FINE DETAILS-DO IT ALL: Our art brush set features a wide gamma of sizes for all types of lines. From 000-12 sizes, our set includes a fan, a flat, a filbert, a round, a tapered, a wide & a super fine detail brush, to get your work done, from start to finish.
  • THE SANTA FE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We live and breathe art and we know that we, artsy creatures don’t like to bother with anything else than getting into our creative zone- That’s why with each paint brush set you purchase, you get our solid Lifetime Replacement Warranty- no hassle, no risk! Order today & Get Creative!


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