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67% OFF! Santa Fe Art Supply Best Quality Artist Paintbrush Set. Acrylic Oil Watercolor & Face Paint. 15 (+1)

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Tired of Loose Hairs or Obvious Brush Strokes? Look no further. This high quality paint brush set with gold standard design, manufacture and testing, gives painters of all skill levels the proper tools to express themselves. All the necessary brush tips are included for precise, masterful strokes: fan, flat, filbert, round, tapered, wide, and more. Exclusive to this set is a short brush for fine detail with an ergonomic handle. The Santa Fe Art Supply quality artist brush set includes brushes with a variety of tip designs to shape your creations and let your creativity flow. The golden synthetic brushes are easy to clean, resistant to wear and are versatile enough to help you craft equally well in acrylic, watercolor, gouache, oil, and face paints. The handy portable carrying pouch protects all your brushes between uses and pops up into a display tray to keep your brushes accessible to you while you create. The carrying case makes this an excellent travel set for field artists who want to paint while away. The fifteen 12″ brushes are well-balanced and crafted for quality, constructed with real wood handles and high grade synthetic hairs. Our triple setting process sets a gold standard for superior manufacture, smooth paint flow, and exceptional brush saturation. The Santa Fe Art Supply Art Set is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and includes a lifetime no-hassle free replacement warranty! Start creating your masterpieces today! CLICK the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page and BUY NOW!


  • CHOOSE YOUR MEDIUM: Versatile quality artist brushes for acrylic, watercolor, gouache, oil, face paint and arts and crafts.
  • SYNTHETIC PROFESSIONAL PAINT BRUSHES: No loose hairs. 12″ brushes, ergonomic well balanced polished real wood handles.
  • WIDE ARRAY OF BRUSH TIPS: Includes fan, flat, filbert, round, tapered, wide, plus fine detail brush. Ideal variety of paint brushes in sizes 000-12.
  • HANDY CARRY CASE / BRUSH STAND: Protective pouch that pops up to display the paint brushes.
  • ART SET PERFECT FOR ALL LEVELS: Beginners to professionals enjoy this quality set of brushes including our 100% satisfaction guaranteed lifetime replacement warranty.


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