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Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Black


Overall Rating    ★★★★☆  4.2 out of 5

Maneuverability   ★★★★  4.5

Easy to carry     ★★★★✭  4.5

Hardwood floors   ★★★★☆  4.1

Suction power     ★★★★☆  3.8

For stairs        ★★★★☆  3.7

Cleaning up hair  ★★★★☆  3.7


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    Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 15KPa Powerful Suction, 2 in 1 Corded Handheld Vac for Hard Floor and Carpet


    EASY. CLEAN. DONE. | Your Lightweight Yet Powerful Home Cleaning Solution | The Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum



    Eureka Flash – NES510

    The Eureka Flash corded bagless stick vacuum is lightweight yet powerful allowing you to tackle any cleaning job from deep carpet to the hard floor without losing suction.


    Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum



    Features of Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum


    The lightweight yet powerful Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum allows you to tackle any cleaning job, from deep carpet to hard floor, without losing suction. It is corded but does not use bags. It features modes for cleaning multiple types of floors, including tiles, carpets, and hard floors, so you may clean any of them with it. 

    The vacuum weighs just 6.3 pounds, making it a lightweight option. Because of its sophisticated swivel turning, it can easily move under and around furniture without causing any damage.


    The Eureka Flash Stick Vacuum makes efficient and thorough deep cleaning a breeze thanks to a number of user-friendly features, including swivel steering, LED headlights, and a dust cup that is detachable and simple to empty..


    • Multi-floor cleaning with fingertip brush roll controls and motorized floor nozzle to easily switch between carpet and hard floor
    • Lightweight, at only 6.3 Pounds.
    • Easily converts to a portable hand vacuum for convenient above-floor cleaning, reaching tight spaces, stairs, and even car interiors
    • Advanced swivel steering provides excellent control and makes it easy to maneuver around and reach under furniture and tight spaces
    • LED headlights to help find dust or debris that might otherwise be missed under furniture and cupboards
    • 30ft cord for extended cleaning reach and an easy-to-empty, removable dust cup. Includes convenient portable storage base, crevice tool, and 2-in-1 dusting brush


    Eureka Flash Stick Vacuum - Power Suction


    Powerful Suction

    DEEP CLEANS both carpets and hard floors with fingertip brush roll controls and automatic height adjustment for the perfect clean in every situation.



    Easy to Maneuver

    Push and pull are no longer a chore, advanced swivel steering and the self-propelled motorized floor nozzle make maneuvering under and around furniture a breeze.



    LED Headlights

    Bright LED lights to illuminate the cleaning path, helping you to see what you’re doing when cleaning under furniture and in dark corners of the home.



    Easy Deep Clean

    With convenient features such as swivel steering, LED headlights, and a removable, easy empty dust cup, the Flash makes effective deep cleaning a breeze.



    Easy to Store Eureka Flash Stick Vacuum

    The portable storage base has a small footprint to conveniently fit in closets and corners and allows you to carry the Eureka Flash Stick Vacuum and accessories easily around.



    Portable Storage

    Keep the vacuum and accessories organized, and carry them all together easily around



    Crevice tool

    Cleans hard-to-reach areas such as corners, baseboard edges, dryer vents, chairs, and sofas.



    2-in-1 Dusting Brush Tool

    Use a brush to vacuum blinds, lampshades, curtains, vents, or upholstered surfaces.



    Carpet Cleaning With Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum

    From deep carpet to hard floor, easily tackle different types of messes without losing suction


    Eureka Flash Stick Vacuum - Lightweight


    Extended Reach

    Whether under furniture, above the floor, or between rooms, the lightweight hand vacuum and the 30 ft cord allow you to clean from the ground to the ceiling and everything in between.



    Converts to Handvac

    Nonstop suction power allows you to clean challenging spots like stairs and car floor mats effectively and with ease.



    Easy-Empty Dust Cup

    Take off the cover of the dust cup and turn it over, the debris immediately falls into the bin, no fuss – and more importantly no mess. Empty the trash without having to touch anything.


    Multi Surface Cleaning



    Specifications – Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum


    • Brand: EUREKA
    • Item model number: NES510
    • Recommended Uses For Product: Hard Floor, Carpet
    • Surface Recommendation: Carpet, Hard Floor
    • Special Feature: Portable, Lightweight, Bagless
    • Form Factor: Stick, Handheld
    • Color: Black
    • Filter Type: Foam
    • Model Name: Flash
    • Product Weight: 7.4 lbs
    • Motor Wattage: 500W
    • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.5L
    • Cord Length: 30ft
    • Cleaning path: 11″
    • Power Source: Corded Electric
    • Product Dimensions (package): 14.3 (L) x 5.1 (W) x 30.7 (H) inches
    • Product Dimensions (when assembled):11.1 x 7.9 x 45 inch
    • Included Components: Nozzle, Crevice tool, Brush
    • Type: Corded (Non-cordless)
    • Voltage: 120 Volts
    • Noise Level: 86 dB
    • Controller Type: Push Button
    • Control Method: Touch
    • Country of Origin: China
    • Manufacturer: Eureka
    • Warranty Description: 1-year manufacturer.


    Easy to Store


    What Some Customers Say About Their experience with Eureka Flash Stick Vacuum | Reviews


    Eureka Flash Stick Vacuum Reviews | Is it good for multi-surface cleaning? How is the suction power? Any difficulty with carrying or storing the vacuum? Is this Eureka Flash – NES510 stick vacuum worth it?


    ★★★★★ Powerful and lightweight

    Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2022

    I bought this small vacuum during Black Friday days for our cabin so my hubby doesn't have to keep lugging the big vacuum to vacuum our cabin floors. Because it's winter here in MN, we won't get to the cabin til April but I figured I better try it out to make sure it works. Wow, I'm surprised at the suction power and how easily it picks up our black lab's hair! I used it on hardwood floors, the bathroom floors and bedroom carpeting. Easy to empty and clean and store. I would highly recommend this product. I am not able to vacuum with a heavy vacuum due to back surgery, but this little wonder is perfect for this over 75 year old woman.




    ★★★★☆ Great for the price

    Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2022

    This vacuum is surprisingly good especially for the price. I have hardwood floors with just a couple throw rugs so it gets the job done. I just wish it was a bristle / rotating vacuum but for this price you really can’t beat it. I love how it comes with the handheld option also




    ★★★★★ Great suction and maneuverability

    Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2022

    I needed a vacuum for bare floors. I bought and returned another vacuum that had so many irritating attributes despite the device working as intended.
    After several uses, I am so pleased with this vacuum. The suction is terrific. The maneuvering capability on the head is really great, and can really move around as needed. It stays upright when not in use. There is an area to wrap the cord around and also hold an attachment. It’s so lightweight and easy to push. The cord is long enough for me; I’m not looking to vacuum large spaces. It also works well on small carpets like the front door mat.
    Overall, I am very pleased!




    ★★★★☆ Great buy!

    Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2022

    I love this little vacuum. It is perfect on hard floors, good on low pile carpet, a bit less on high pile carpets (that is stated in the description). I can use it everyday, has a very long cord which is great! Good buy for the price.

    Linda Lou



    ★★★☆☆ Not for carpeting

    Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2022

    The floor nozzle twists around too much, makes vacuuming cumbersome. The hand held portion works well.

    E. W.



    ★★★★☆ Pretty Good Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum

    Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2022

    I have four cats and a dog but we live in a smaller area so i wanted a small vacuum just to do simple tasks with instead of lugging the big one around and this guy is perfect! The suction on carpet is not the best tho for animal hair and what not but with the little attachment piece getting cobwebs and dust works pretty good 🙂 It is small though so i wouldn’t use if you plan on using it for your whole house unless you don’t mind emptying it often

    Alivia Kelsey



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