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Ashleigh Nicole Arts Woodless Colored Pencils Set – 36 Colors


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    Ashleigh Nicole Arts Artist Quality Colored Pencils with Super Long Lasting Woodless Design for Adult Coloring Drawing and Sketching (36, Color)


    Quality meets Affordability with Ashleigh Nicole Arts Woodless Colored Pencils

    Are you looking for high-quality drawing tools to help you further discover your artistic talent? Has the high cost of “premium color pencils” put a financial strain on your art supply budget? 


    Have you been shocked by how much of your pencils are wasted through the constant resharpening of thin broken leads? Do you love working with charcoal but hate the mess it leaves on your hands?


    Have you grown weary of flimsy pencil boxes that never travel well?



    This set of Ashleigh Nicole Arts Woodless Pencils provides the tools you need without the frustration and waste of traditional wooden pencils

    • 12 highly pigmented primary colors that easily blend to provide a practically endless color palette
    • 7.2mm leads yielding 4 times the lead as traditional wooden pencils- it’s like getting 96 pencils for the price of 24!
    • 9 different hardness of graphite for a full range of sketching and accenting options
    • 3 coated charcoal pencils-soft/med/hard so your hands stay clean while you create beautiful charcoal sketches
    • 2 eco-friendly cylindrical cardboard carrying tubes that fit into a pocket or backpack for easy travel
    • Our commitment to quality and great customer service as many of our Amazon reviewers have attested


    Remember, you get a total of 24 woodless pencils equivalent to 96 wooden pencils in 12 easily blendable primary colors, 9 different graphite pencils, 3 different charcoal pencils, 2 eco-friendly cardboard carrying tubes, and a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee



    Features of Ashleigh Nicole Arts Artist Quality Colored Pencils


    • Artist grade and suitable for all ages and skill levels
    • Made entirely of pigmented lead and strengthened with a special lacquer sheath.
    • Equivalent to 96 wood-encased pencils!
    • Perfectly dispersed for a smooth and creamy feel
    • Order today and you are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee along with our commitment to great customer service



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