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Craftamo Acrylic Paint Brush Set | Use as Watercolor Brushes, Face Paint Brushes, and Acrylic Paintbrushes – 15pc Set


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    Craftamo Brushes – Art Paint Brush Set, 15pc


    CRAFTAMO Art Paint Brush Set 15 pieces for Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil and Face Painting – HAND CRAFTED USING THE FINEST QUALITY MATERIALS | CRAFTAMO BRUSHES


    The People at Craftamo believe in inspiring creativity!

    Calling all Professional Artists, Craft Lovers, Teachers, Students & Kids – Here’s What Makes Craftamo Special!



    It’s All About You!

    FEEL INSPIRED & CREATIVE ★ They believe in inspiring creativity by providing beautiful art products made with care, passion and tremendous attention to detail.


    FEEL LIKE A WINNER ★ Talented artists deserve to show off their work! Craftamo hold monthly competitions allowing you to share your work with other creative people, and win prizes!


    BECOME A RAVING FAN ★ Craftamo loves their customers and they guarantee satisfaction with their products. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your Paint Brushes, contact Craftamo for a full refund.



    Need more reasons to choose CRAFTAMO?

    Craftamo art brushes are Hand Crafted with care using the finest quality materials. We’ve hand picked our best artist brushes and packaged them into the ultimate paint brush set.


    Craftamo Brushes 15 Art Paint Brushes with Paint Brush Case - Product Main
    Craftamo Paint Brushes. Use as Watercolor Brushes, Face Paint Brushes, and Acrylic Paint Brushes. 15 Art Paint Brushes with Paint Brush Case



    This set includes the following brush sizes

    ✔ Filbert – Sizes 9, 4
    ✔ Angle – Sizes 12, 10, 5, 2
    ✔ Round – Sizes 8, 7, 3, 1, 1/0
    ✔ Flat – Sizes 11, 6
    ✔ Fan – Size 0
    ✔ Rigger – Size 3/0


    Our mixture of natural looking, synthetic filaments make these painting brushes perfect for working with all types of paint.

    Existing customers say they make great watercolor brushes, oil brushes, acrylic brushes and face paint brushes, and will deliver an even coat of paint, wash after wash

    • Outperforming natural brushes, such as sable paint brushes, goat hair paint brushes, and hog hair paint brushes.
    • These long handle brushes are ergonomically designed and carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!



    Features of Craftamo Brushes


    • WIDE VARIETY – Our assortment of art brushes, ranging from sizes 3/0 – 12, make these art paint brushes perfect for any level of artist, from beginners to professionals. Whether you are looking for watercolor brushes, paint brushes for acrylic painting, oil brushes, face paint brushes, hobby brushes, or kids paint brushes, this artist brush set will be a great addition to your paint supplies.


    • ERGONOMIC HANDLES – Each carefully designed, long handle paint brush provides the perfect combination between balance and comfort, to deliver consistent paint strokes that every artist desires.


    • EASY CLEAN – The mixed synthetic hair possesses qualities that natural hair fails to compete with. It provides good shape retention, and washes out easily, as a good watercolor paintbrush should, giving your artist paint brush set a longer life span. Used as oil painting brushes, watercolor paint brushes, or acrylic brushes, they are very versatile.


    • ANTI-SHEDDING HAIRS – Our artist paint brushes are handmade with care using the finest materials to ensure no bristles are left behind to spoil your work.


    • FREE PAINT BRUSH CASE / DRYING STAND – The perfect protective carrier for transporting your art brush set to avoid damage, for storage, and also doubles up as a drying stand to air dry your paint brushes after washing!



    Product Specifications of CRAFTAMO Art Paint Brush Set


    • Material : Wood
    • Brand : Craftamo
    • Number of Pieces : 15
    • Bristle Type : Natural
    • Product Dimensions : 5.5 x 1.2 x 14.9 inches
    • Item model number : Artist Paint Brush Set LH01
    • Item Weight : 1.15 pounds



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