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Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp – Natural Hand Carved Ambient Light


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    Levoit Salt Lamp | Natural Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp, Hand Carved


    Presenting the Levoit Salt Lamp—A Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Light with a Metal Housing, UL-Listed Cord, Touch-Brightness Dimmable Control, Three Bulbs, and a Luxurious Gift Box


    Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp


    Crystals that Are a Cut Above

    Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp is made using salt from the best source, since not all salt is equal! The Himalayan salt from the Khewra mines of Pakistan is the purest and most untouched in the world, and that’s where Levoit selects crystals from.



    Feel Better with Touch Control

    For a product that’s meant to soothe, operation should also be seamlessly on-point. With our safety-certified UL-listed cord, simply touch your finger to the touch-control button to turn the lamp on/off, or tap and hold to adjust the brightness.



    Beautifully Packaged

    It’s gift-ready inside and out. Ezra Salt Lamp is carefully shipped and housed in a beautiful package appropriate for many occasions and recipients. Know a recent grad or someone who’s soon turning a year older? It’s a perfect gift. Even if it’s just for yourself.



    Features – Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp



    Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with in red gift Package and Ribbon. A perfect choice as gifts under $60 for your loved ones!


    Certain to brighten up your mood and create a more romantic atmosphere for your room!




    To accent the natural beauty of the salt crystals, we’ve housed them in a decorative metal vase, perfect for the design-conscious home. Illuminate your room with this Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp – Providing a warm, pleasant & relaxing amber glow. It’s a perfect choice in the center of a coffee table, desk.


    Great for meditation, yoga spaces, and as a night light. Also, you can try it as a bedside lamp




    When lit with the included 15 watt incandescent light bulb, it gives a warm amber glow, creating a romantic vibe and boost your mood. It also looks gorgeous like a lava lamp. Change the brightness of the bulb to give a different hue to the lighting area




    This Levoit Salt Lamp is definitely safer than other brands that has potential fire hazard.It comes with patented touch dimmer switch to adjust brightness and match the ambiance. It has 6.6 feet power cord and two extra 15 watt bulbs




    Illuminate your room with a warm, pleasant & relaxing amber glow. It’s great as a centrepiece on a coffee table or desk. Great for meditation, yoga spaces, and as a night light.


    Also, you can try it as a bedside lamp.




    Levoit | Ezra commits to always stand behind their products.

    • 2 Year Warranty – 2 extra replacement bulbs included
    • The replacement bulb is in stock for purchase, just search: “levoit light bulbs“)



    100% Purest & Highest Quality Himalayan Salt

    Authentic and professionally hand carved Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan. UL-listed. FCC, CE, RoHS Approved. Authentic Himalayan salt lamp by Levoit.


    Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp Hand Carved Natural Himilian Hymalain Pink Salt Rock Lamps - Holiday Decor Gift
    Add An Amber Glow To Your Holiday Decor | Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp



    Product Specifications – Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp by Levoit


    • Brand ‎: LEVOIT
    • Manufacturer : ‎Levoit
    • Part Number ‎: 783956545770
    • Item Weight ‎: 16.8 pounds
    • Product Dimensions : ‎5.7 x 5.7 x 11.8 inches
    • Country of Origin ‎: China
    • Item model number : ‎Ezra
    • Color : Pink
    • Style : Ezra Salt Lamp
    • Shade Material : Metal
    • Material : Himalayan Rock Salt, Metal
    • Switch Style : Dimmer, Touch



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