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St Petersburg White Nights Watercolour : 36 Pan Set



Let the light of White Nights shine into your paintings! This world famous brand of artists’ quality watercolour paints has been produced in Russia by the St Petersburg Company since 1934. White Nights are extra fine watercolours, manufactured using the highest grade of the finest pigment particles plus gum arabic and even honey! Three quarters of the paints in this range are made from single pigments and the whole spectrum of colours are easily mixable and lightfast. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional White Nights promise the quality you deserve! Contains the following colours: (the manufacturer reserves the right to change colours so colours may vary): 100 Zinc White, 203 Cadmium Lemon, 201 Cadmium Yellow Medium, 218 Yellow Ochre, 216 Golden, 217 Golden Deep, 215 Hanza Yellow, 323 Ruby, 302 Cadmium Red Light, 320 Orange Lake, 321 English Red, 324 Quinocridone Rose, 319 Carmine (hue), 313 Madder Lake Red Light, 609 Quinocridone Lilac, 607 Violet, 507 Turquoise Blue, 511 Ultramarine, 513 Blue, 508 Cobalt Blue, 502 Cobalt Blue Spectral, 516 Indigo, 503 Ceruleum Blue, 718 Yellow – Green, 713 Emerald Green, 725 Green (Russian), 727 Olive Green, 704 Oxide of Chromium, 405 Raw Sienna, 406 Burnt Sienna, 418 Umber, 408 Burnt Umber, 412 Mars Brown, 413 Sepia, 805 Neutral Tint, 812 Paynes Grey


  • Artists’ quality watercolour paints
  • Easily mixable and lightfast
  • Whole Pans
  • Set of 36


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