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ANKOVO Thermometer For Fever Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Baby, Kids and Adults with Fever

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    ANKOVO Thermometer For Fever – CE and FDA Approved


    Ankovo Thermometer –  Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear | For Baby, Kids and Adults with Fever Indicator 


    ANKOVO Thermometer Fever - Caring for Your Health Banner


    Ankovo Thermometer Accuracy | Instant, Accurate Readings

    Ankovo is one of the faster thermometers on the market and can display accurate readings in one second. This fever thermometer device delivers accurate temperature reading results. It uses advanced infrared technology to detect body temperature. 


    This thermometer was created with ergonomics in mind. With the gently angled forehead probe and lens for consistent readings every time, there is no room for guesswork or misplacement.



    Fast, Gentle, and Easy to Use

    This Fever Thermometer (Forehead and Ear) by Ankovo is designed to take the body temperature of your family in a fast, gentle, and easy-to-use way and easy-to-read backlight display. This digital fever thermometer is the perfect device for adults and kids.\


    Ankovo device ensures accurate results and infrared technology that takes temperature in a few seconds.


    Note: You should not use this product for self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem. Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem.



    Features – Ankovo Thermometer


    ANKOVO Thermometer for Fever Forehead and Ear | Great for Family and Clinic Use


    DUAL MODE – Forehead and Ear

    Dual Mode forehead Thermometer (suitable for all ages) and Ear Thermometer function (only for children above 3 months) – the easiest and most practical way to take a temperature.




    Compared to a mercury thermometer, there is no danger of breaking the glass or swallowing mercury. Our digital medical thermometer is totally safe for children to use.




    This “Ankovo Thermometer For Fever” offers a maximum of 20 previous readings to help you track the changes in your body’s temporal temperature. Delivers temperature readings with Unfailing Accuracy and very fast.




    With just 2 buttons, Head and Ear, this baby thermometer is very easy to use. This forehead and ear thermometer for fever reads within 1 second and a loud enough beep will notify you it is done.




    The large backlit screen displays temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The bright display is easy to read, even in a dark room.




    When the reading exceeds 37.5℃/99.5℉, this digital fever thermometer shall alert the user with 7 rapid short rings with LCD screen blinking red. At normal body temperature, the LCD shall display readings in Green color.




    Ankovo is a known brand with digital thermometer products that are clinically validated and registered with FDA Medical Device Databases for safety requirements. The smart and exquisite baby thermometer is dedicated to giving our family members the best care.


    ANKOVO Thermometer - Alert Fever Alarm

    Fever Alarm Feature | Visual and Audio Signals If You Are Experiencing Fever



    ANKOVO Thermometer Instructions | How to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit


    Instructions to switch Celsius to Fahrenheit for Ankovo Thermometer

    • First, turn off the Ankovo Fever Thermometer.
    • Next, please press the button “Ear” and hold for 8 to 12 seconds. The LCD screen shall display  —℃.
    • Press the Ear button again to switch the reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit (and vice versa as you press the ear button).
    • The LCD screen shall now display —℉.
    • Finally, the temperature measurement sign will change to .
    • Wait another 5 seconds for the screen to go blank. This fever thermometer is now ready to measure temperature in Fahrenheit.


    ANKOVO Thermometer - Fever Measurement Switch from C to F and F to C
    Ankovo Thermometer Instructions – Change from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa



    How to use Ankovo Thermometer to Measure Body Temperature?

    It is very easy to use this thermometer to measure forehead or ear temperature. 

    • Forehead temperature: Just place probe onto forehead temple and press button “Forehead”. You will hear a beep and the reading result will be shown. 
    • Ear temperature: Remove the probe cover and insert the sensor into the ear canal. Next, press the EAR button and the temperature reading will be shown on the LCD display. 



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    About The Product


    Ankovo is a trusted name when it comes to Fever Thermometer measured by ear, forehead, or oral. This Ankovo Thermometer for Fever (Ear + Forehead) is ideal for families, as it caters to adults and toddlers.



    • Brand: ANKOVO
    • Power Source: Battery Powered
    • Response Time: 1000 Milliseconds
    • Number of Batteries: 2x AAA batteries required. (included)
    • Package Dimensions : 6.22 x 1.93 x 1.85 inches; 4.16 Ounces


    Easy to Measure Temperature Ear or Forehead | ANKOVO Thermometer



    Frequently Asked Questions About Ankovo Thermometer


    # Are Ankovo thermometers any good?
    This fever thermometer is one of the fastest in the market to deliver accurate temperature readings in 1 second. This is because Ankovo uses advanced infrared technology to detect body temperature. Moreover, its accuracy is tested to conform to its said specifications in many clinical trials. The thermometer can store around 20 previous temperature recordings for a historical comparison reference.


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