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Baby Forehead and Ear Temperature Thermometer – iProvèn Digital Non Contact Infant and Toddler (Termometro) – With

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Here’s what our Baby Thermometer will bring you:

  • Pain-free Measurements
    Having a feverish baby or toddler can be a challenge already. Let alone if you have to measure their temperature. With our Infrared thermometer, you will know your little one’s temperature in just seconds, without them even noticing.
  • Silent measurements – so you can let your baby sleep
    Our Baby thermometer will tell you what’s going on, without waking up your baby. Just use the mute switch. The display will light up red or green showing you if your little one has a fever. So you know what’s going on, even in the middle of the night.
  • Check the temperature of your baby’s Room, Bottle & Bath
    With the object mode you’ll never have to wonder again if your baby’s room, bottle or bath is too hot or too cold. Click the button and you’ll know the answer in just seconds.

Order your thermometer now, so you have it ready when you need it most. We promise that you will enjoy our Quality, Education and Simplicity OR get a Hassle-free refund within 100 days from your purchase.


  • ALL YOU NEED AS A MOM OR DAD – This Baby thermometer not only measures your baby’s temperature via the ear or the head. It can also show you if baby’s bottle or room is too hot or too cold.
  • PEACE OF MIND WITH CONSISTENT RESULTS – Thanks to advanced clinical testing, this Ear thermometer will give you consistent and accurate readings. Just follow the easy instructions in our manual!
  • TAKE YOUR BABY’S TEMPERATURE WHEN HE’S ASLEEP – The mute function on the Forehead Thermometer allows you to take your little one’s temperature without waking him up.
  • KNOW WHEN TO TAKE ACTION – The display will tell you if your little one has a fever. It will light up in green or red, depending on the measured temperature.
  • TOO HOT OR TOO COLD? – As a parent, you’re going to ask yourself this question like a million times. Not just when it comes to a fever. I’m talking Bottles. Rooms. Baths. The third mode of our thermometer, the object mode, will give you the answer. In just a second.


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