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Amazrock AVE-L10 - Wet Cleaning (Freed from Mundance Mopping)

Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Demo Videos

Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Demo Videos (Official)


Amazrock AVE-L10 Smart Robot Vacuum and Mop - LIDAR Navigation

Welcome to the Official Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Demo Video Page


” Amazrock Laser SLAM Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the choice of our new generation customers. They seek an autonomous vacuum & mop cleaning helper for their household and office space. “






The High-Performance Mapping & Navigation Technology is reviewed in this first feature of the Amazrock AVE-L10 Demo Video. This robotic vacuum and mop machine is simple to operate with your iOS or Android device. 






In this 2nd feature, we put the Amazrock AVE-L10 through some tight spaces to challenge the robot. Click on the below video to watch Amazrock Robot Vacuum performance in smart navigation. See whether it’s truly smart to work its way through a difficult landscape.




DEMO VIDEO – FEATURE#3 “CUSTOM AREA CLEAN” | High Accuracy & Intelligent Mapping


Ready to watch this third feature of the Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum demo video ? We examine the robot cleaner’s ability to clean a custom area as instructed through the APP. 


Are you curious about the result ? Click on the below video to watch Amazrock’s robotic cleaner performance as it uses its intelligent mapping to navigate and clean the area with precision. Moreover, it is also really easy to draw the custom area on your home or office mapping using the APP.




DEMO VIDEO – FEATURE#4 “VIRTUAL WALL – NO CLEAN ZONE” | High Accuracy & Intelligent Cleaning


What about Virtual Wall ? Does Amazrock robot offer “No Clean Zone” ?


This fourth demo video shows how easy to use the APP to draw a custom area and mark it as forbidden to clean.




How Easy to Setup Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum and Mop


Please click the article link below for step-by-step video instructions that are easy to follow. You can easily configure and set up your Amazrock AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum for use with your WIFI network at home or at the office by following the steps provided.


How To Setup AVE-L10 Robot Vacuum Mop Easily



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